Back Story: “In china, Bloody Mary is known as #^%&, or Bleeding Meylin. Meylin was the middle daughter of a rich tyrant who practically ruled a poor village. He sent his all his daughters to work in the fields. They were called Da-Xia, Qi, Meylin and Bai. Da-Xia was the most beautiful of the sisters and a young man came to her father for permission to marry her. Meylin was jealous, as she had fallen in love with the man. She murdered Da-Xia who fought back, scratching Meylin’s face, but Meylin stabbed Da-Xia to death, covering herself in blood in the process. Her father never found out, and died a year later. Da-Xia came to Qi and Bai in a dream and told them that Meylin had viciously murdered her. Bai and Qi tortured Meylin until she confessed, then they slit her throat, but not well, so it took a long time for her to die. She was executed in a room full of mirrors, and her angry soul flew into a mirror. She tricked Qi into saying her name 7 times (seven is an unlucky number in chinese), who she slashed to death with her nails. Bai went mad and had all mirrors in the village smashed, but she later drowned in a lake after believeing she saw Meylin’s reflection. Meylin had long black hair and powdered pale skin, and wore a traditional mandarin dress. Accounts of her in the mirror say she has black lips, eyes and hair, very pale skin and a black mandarin dress.”

Ritual: “To summon her, you wait until the seventh of July, the fourth of April, the sixth of June or the fifth of may at midnight. You need several mirrors but the room doesn’t matter. You say her name 7 times and the name of a boy or girl you like (in a romantic way).”

Result: “She will appear in he mirror. If she does not like the person you do, she will kill you or them. If she likes the match, she will bless you with prosperity.”

Other Submitted Information: “We attempted to go to her grave and there were dead animals hanging in the trees. We got scared and turned around. I grew up with my neighbors older sister having a piece of her grave stone in her bedroom, and was always curious of the truth in it.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Claudia’ from Harpenden, England for submitting this legend. Her friend, Jia Li in China told her about it, and she sent it to me! Thank you both for passing it along!!!