Back Story: Mary was just a young women who was getting ready to be wed. Her mother-in-law to-be didn’t like her at all. So then on their wedding day her mother-in-law brutally murdered her. She got blood all over herself and on Mary. That’s how she got her name.

Ritual: You turn off all the lights in a bathroom. Light 1 candle and put it on the counter. Chant her name 3 times as you spin around.

Result: She will appear in the mirror. If she is angry at you for summoning her she will try to break out of the mirror, and if she does, she will kill you. I’m not exactly sure how ,though. If she’s not angry, she will talk to you, or pull you in if she likes you. This way you two could talk for all eternity.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Cedes’ from Shiloh, Illinois for submitting this legend. So, there’s a chance that Bloody Mary may like you, and just hang out to shoot the shit for a while? That’s pretty cool.