City: Pocatello (Ashley from Pocatello said that I’m silly for not knowing where Pocatello is. Granted, I AM silly, but that’s not the reason.)

Back Story: Mary was Wiccan. The Mormons tortured her in an attempt to make her give up her beliefs, and confess to a string of murders. They ripped off her finger nails, raped her with a stick wrapped in barb wire, tied her to a chair with nails sticking out of it, and finally killed her with an iron maiden.

Ritual: Chanting her name. (No mention of a mirror in this submitted legend)

Result: Well, supposedly Mary is supposed to appear in the mirror.

Experience: “This didn’t happen to me, but it happened to my friends cousin. We were camping out and my friends cousin went into the camper bathroom. I could hear him chanting “Bloody Mary”. About a minute later, he came out screaming like a two year old after they canceled Barney.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Ashley’ from Pocatello, Idaho for submitting this legend.