Back Story: “The story is that a long time a go there was a women named Mary and she was a witch. One day people started saying that their daughters are missing and one night a girl was under the spell and she was walking toward Mary. Her parents tried to stop her but she went out the door and when the parents followed her there was a women standing there with a wand. The girl’s father went back to get his gun and his neighbors came out with their guns and they all went after Mary. When Mary saw them she ran into the woods and a bullet it her in the hip. She fell and everybody came after her. They burned her the next day in fire. And while she was burning she was yelling and people called her Mary Bloody.”

Ritual: “All you have to do is go in the bathroom
1. Turn off all the lights.
2. Lock the door.
3. Turn on the water.
4. Say Mary Bloody Mary as many times as you can and she will appear.”

Result: “This women will come through the mirror and she will kill you.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Jenna’ from Canal Winchester, Ohio for submitting this legend.