Back Story: “The legend I heard as a child was of a woman named Mary White that was killed years ago by a jealous boyfriend by being pushed out a window along with a mirror. Legend is that he took the mirror back and she killed him. Whether she was pregnant or not was never said.”

Ritual: “Go into the bathroom with a kitchen knife and fill the sink with water. No candles needed. Stand in front of the mirror and say the name “Bloody Mary” or “Mary White” three times and she will appear.”

Result: “If the knife is small it will get larger. Mary will show up and attempt to come through the mirror and attack you. If you are lucky you will survive.”

Experience: “I played once with my brother and a friend and after we had said the name we looked in the mirror and there was a figure of a woman. What was strange was that the figure was taller than any of us. I remember trying to find a light switch but it was no longer there neither was the bathtub or toilet. Even freakier was hearing my brother groan. Once we finally did get out of the room I looked at my brother and there were scratches on his back. To this day he still has the scars. ”

Personal Note: Send pics of the scars. :p

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Angie’ from Bramwell, West Virginia for submitting this legend.