Back Story: The story says that she got drowned in the bathtub on the night of her school reunion because her children got taken away from her.

Ritual: Well first off, you go into the bathroom look straight into the mirror with the room dark as possible and say her name 3 to 13 times.

Result: She would appear, and just stare at you, or you will see her behind you by your left shoulder. To make her go away, you would have to turn the light back on, or throw water on the mirror.

Other Submitted Information: “i tried it and i was terrified i also said i have you baby bitch and she scratch my arm i even have the scar to prove it.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Brian Arndt’ from San Bernardino, California for submitting this legend. When filling out his name on the form, he typed, “Brian Arndt duh!!!!!” This leads me to believe that he thought that I was stupid for not knowing who he was.

Apology: I am sooooo sorry, Brian for asking the question about your name. I mean, I REALLY should have known that it was you all along. Actually, I know EVERYBODY on the other side of the country, and I can predict who is submitting a form at the exact moment it happens. I should have let on that I knew who you were. My bad. :(