Ritual: “Well really you have to have a knife, 3 mirrors and you need to be in complete darkness so you know that its not someone elses face just trying to scare you. You need to be able to have a voice so you can say her name 3 times. The knife is so she can come towards you.”

Result: “Bloody mary is supposed to come out of the mirror and scare the living crap out of you so you never mention anything about her again. Obviously it dosent always work.”

Experience: “I have seen it work becuase it happened to me my sister and my brother. We made a tent of complete and total darkness. So dark that you couldnt even tell where your own hand is. and you cant open the blankets cuase you would be able to tell if someone was to let light in. Later we had the knife and 3 mirorrs. When we said her name 3 times we saw her face in the mirror and the knife started to float around. later that night i couldnt even sleep. I dont really know what it was that came near the mirror but i know that there was no light and a face appeared in the mirror after the ritual and the knife started to fly around. Im not lying.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Chantelle Corser’ from Colorado Springs for submitting this legend. Get some sleep Chantelle. :)