Back Story: The Legend I heard was that Mary was a young girl who had a child while she was in high school. In this time that was forbidden unless you were married. The town shunned her and even her parents kicked her out. She tried to Explain who the father was but no one would listen, no matter how much she tried explaining. The man she was blaming became scared even though no one believed her. He found Mary and tried to kill the baby but mary got in the was and he stabbed her. The legend goes that she was alive after being stabbed long enough to see the man kill the baby and leave. Now she searches for the man that killed her and her baby.

Ritual: There are two rituals.
1. One is you light 3 white candles to represent the holy trinity. You turn out all lights and chant “Bloody Mary dont be mad, we want to hear your story, so sad.”

2. The next ritual is that you light three black candles and three red candles to represent to unholy ones. Turn out the lights and chant “Bloody Mary I killed your baby”

Result: There are two results.

1. The first part is that mary will appear and smile at you and you are supposed to be able to ask her a question.

2. The second ritual is that you are able to see Mary and she look angry and reaches out with the knife that killed her and she tries to stab you but can’t because she is not of this world. But if you stand there long enough a pain starts to develop and scratches appear. Top make her leave in either ritual turn the lights on.

Experience: “I did this one time but I did the nice ritual and when she appeared I was so freaked out I couldn’t ask anything. I flipped on the lights and haven’t had the guts to try the second ritual.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Legend Finder’ from Meigs County, Ohio for submitting this legend. (Another one with a lot of great info!)