Back Story: “Bloody Mary was an outcast in school. But was very pretty. This annoyed MaryJane the most popular girl in school because Bloody Mary was prettier than her. So one day MaryJane and her friends invited Bloody Mary over for a sleepover. When she came to the house they went upstairs to MaryJane’s bedroom. MaryJane pretended to be nice and asked her if she wanted to see the view off the balcony. Bloody Mary said sure. Once on the balcony Bloody Mary started to lean over to look at the backyard. That’s when MaryJane pushed her off. Bloody Mary fell and snapped her neck on a rock.”

Ritual: “Go in the bathroom with two other people and turn out the light. Have two people spin in the back while you chant Bloody Mary OR Mary Jane 3 times.”

Result: “If you chant bloody Mary’s name three times she will appear and harm you (scratch your eyes out, cut your skin, etc.) And if you say Mary Jane’s name three time Bloody Mary will come out of the mirror and kill you”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Kay’ from Branchburg, New Jersey for submitting this legend.