Back Story: “Legend has it that Bloody Mary was a sweet woman. She would not hurt a kid or anything. One night she tucked her kid in and went to bed. Someone took her kid while she was sleeping! She woke up in the morning and looked everywhere for her kid. She could not find her kid nowhere. Two years later, people found her kid buried in her back yard. So, all of the people in Mary’s town went to her house to take revenge They knocked her out and buried her alive, so she took her revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ritual: “This one probably no one has heard it before. When your parents are gone and no one is there, you turn off all the lights. Then you light candles all over and not just any candles. They have to look bloody in the dark. Then, go in your closet, put up a sign saying ‘Bloody Mary Zone’. Go in and only have one candle that is any color but red. Then spin around 5 times and say Bloody Mary 10 times and then say I killed your baby!!! BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Result: “She will say I am sorry but I have to do it! Mary will say you will be marked forever and for all eternity!!! And she will throw up blood on you. And eat you. If you make it you will have a scar on your back of your neck. It will say you are a surviver!!!!!!!!!!”

Personal Note: No comment. :/

Thanks: Thanks To ‘DIZZY’ from Clearlake, California for submitting this legend. I also want to thank you for submitting it in ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS AND EVERYTHING … It made it fun to translate for use on the page. Now, I’m gonna go to to the bathroom, and see if I can’t get someone to vomit blood on me after apologizing.