Wedding Crash

by Erin K. Moore

I have a younger sister (by 2 and a half years) and she’s my only sibling.  At this point in time I was seventeen years old and a senior in high school, so it was near spring 2004. It was a Sunday night and I was scrambling to get a 6 to 8 page report done as it was due the next day. (procrastination…what a motivator) My parents were out somewhere, my sister asleep, and it hadn’t been too long since we’d had our house MAJORLY redone. Parallel with the computer chair I was sitting in is a doorway (more of an opening actually) to the kitchen. The lights in the kitchen were on along with the ones in the living room where the computer is at. I was typing along, and very, very clearly out of my peripheral vision I saw a woman glide silently right past the doorway in the kitchen. Her hair was long and black, she had on a white dress, her arms straight down by her sides and she was bolt upright staring straight ahead. I remember her skin being a peculiar color, but her eyes were the scary part about her. (This would be the FIRST time I could recall seeing anything like this…the lady in red was about 2 years after.) Her eyes were completely white and almost fluorescent. How I managed to see her so clearly out of my peripheral view is beyond me, but I did. I actually got up to see if anyone was really there and thought maybe they just looked strange because I had some sort of skewed computer monitor vision. However, nobody was there. When my parents came home, they of course scared the doodie out of me.  (What can you expect after seeing something like that?) I told my mom about what had just happened before she and my dad got there. It completely freaked her out, but she had no doubt in her mind that I had seen something strange. (As she has been able to see strange things all of her life.) She was the only person I had ever told until one of my friends came over one day and described the woman to me.  When my friend saw her she had been peeking around the corner at her, so later on that night she asked me about it, and I told her my story. I wanted to let her know she wasn’t nuts–and it also confirmed that I wasn’t. In recent years my mom has seen the trail of her dress go by (she seems to walk the same path in the kitchen over and over again)…and she says it’s definitely a wedding dress that the woman is wearing. My sister has also seen her, and I hadn’t said anything to her about it either until I heard her story.  (My way of confirming to myself that I’m not nuts…or at least not nuts by myself.) The lady in the wedding dress seems to only show herself to women, as I haven’t heard any men around the house say anything about it. I get a very sad and lost feeling when she’s around. She definitely not malicious–as a matter of fact she seems to be shy or frightened, as well as sad and lost.

There’s a story about a bride and groom during…I wanna say the 1920’s. According to the story or folklore rather: on Milan-Oakville rd., which is less than a minute from my house just after this really sharp curve I like to call “dead mans curve”, a man and woman got into some kind of accident and died on their wedding night. I’ve always wondered if somehow that’s her, and perhaps the sad and lost feeling has to do with her husband passing on and somehow she stayed behind. It’s possible that the story is complete malarky(as with any story)–I suppose the only way to find out would be to check into some old newspapers and records.

Oh, and I left out the rest of the story about their haunting Milan-Oakville rd: People say that if you park in the EXACT spot where they crashed you can hear tires screeching and a woman screaming. Another story claims that a bloody bride will chase your car away.

While I’ve never heard of this actually happening to anyone, nor have I experienced this myself–I feel the need to find out if just the accident part is real. It would explain the dress, and maybe then she can be helped to move on. I’m not sure how to do that…except tell her there’s a better place to be and that it’s okay for her to go if she’s miserable here. I’m typically not one for kicking a non-malicious spirit out if they’re happy where they’re at.

Perhaps none of my suspicions about who she is are correct. Maybe she’s someone or something different–nevertheless I like her, and if she’s suffering I want it to be over.