The Mean Monkey

by ~Brovinadeergooberpoop~

I have a cousin that had twins in 2003, she also has an older daughter from a previous marriage who we will call Anna. Anna got pregnant in 2007. She had the baby and named her Kathy.  The twins Jackie and Jason were ecstatic! They loved the new baby. When they would go somewhere to visit Jackie was always afraid they were gonna leave the baby. She would tell everyone “the baby is coming home with us”.  Well 4 months after baby Kathy was born she was tragically mauled and killed by a 120 lb. rottweiler.  It wasn’t their dog. It belonged to a friend of the mothers.  Well a couple weeks before the baby passed away Jackie, one of the twins, who was about 4 kept talking about this “mean monkey”. I mean she was petrified of this thing she kept seeing.  That’s all she would talk about is the mean monkey.  They would ask her about it & all she would say was that he was soooo mean.  She would be scared to go in certain rooms or to go to her aunts house cuz she didn’t want to see the monkey.  So my cousin said “Where is this monkey!?!  I’ll go beat it up!” and Jackie said “not even you can get the monkey, nobody is strong enough to get the monkey”.  Everyone was like what the hell is she talking about, what is she seeing? Assuming maybe she had had a bad dream they let it go.  Well Kathy passed away & a couple days later Jackie told her grandma that mean monkey is gone now.  Still to this day we don’t understand what she saw or why she was so scared of this monkey.  I thought maybe someone came to her & explained to her that baby Kathy had to go away and maybe because she is so young they came to her as a monkey to tell her that baby Kathy had to go away to heaven and because she was so protective over the baby she thought that the monkey was mean because he was taking the baby away.

A little side note, a couple days after the baby died the twins were standing at the door wall jumping up & down, waving & talking & my cousin said “what are you doing?” and they pointed and said “look Kathy is out there!”

We think baby Kathy came back to say goodbye to the twins.