Pulled Out Of Bed

by ~Brovinadeergooberpoop~

Back in the 60’s just before my parents were married they were living upstairs at my grandfathers house.  They had finished the attic & made it into a mini apartment.  One night they were sleeping and my mother had her arm hanging off the bed.  She woke up to someone pulling on her arm.  She could feel each finger around her wrist trying to pull her out of bed.  They were in a dark room but she could see that there was no one there. She began screaming for my dad, he woke up & realized what was going on.  So he started pulling on her arm trying to break it free from whatever was holding it.  He then got up on his knees and has his arms around my moms waist trying to pull her back up on the bed.  Finally it broke free, they jumped up & turned the lights on.  It never happened again but my mom who is now 61 still sleeps on her hands to this day.  My dad doesn’t like to talk about the experience but he told my mom once that he was pulling her with all his strength to get her back on the bed. Whatever it was, was strong!