Ouija Board

by Chanel Kwan

Well it started off a boring and long second language lesson. My friend Abigail and I were playing Hangman on a piece of paper, then all of the sudden she thought of playing Ouija Board. Since we don’t have the board, we made one excatly like the real one with all the letters, numbers and yes/no and boy/girl. We started off by drawing a dot on the center of the paper and place a pencil on the dot and next goes our hands onto the pencil. Later, our friend came and join in. Then we started off.

Well, nothing happened at first. We started asking questions like “How old are you” and “Are you a boy or a girl” and stuff like that. Nothing happen at first then the pencil started moving bit by bit. Then it stopped. Then the line was quite close to the number ‘8’. All of the sudden, i felt a force and the pencil just striked through the number ‘8’ just like that! My friends felt it too.

Well the lesson ended and we went home. Throwing the piece of paper in the dustbin. The next day, during Maths class, we played again. This time nothing went too well with only lines until…. the pencil started drawing the number 8 but with our fingers still onto the pencil and after that it pointed to the word ‘Girl’. i SWEAR i NEVER moved the pencil nor did my friend. We got so freaked out we throwed the freaking paper away.