My Son Takes After Me I Guess

by Shaunda Campbell

To start off I would like to say that my entire life the strange and unusual have always been a part of my life. I have seen, heard and been “hit” by ghosts. (And yes that is very true) However, the most disturbing things have happened after my son was born, hence the title.

The first experience that I had was after we brought my son home from the hospital. He was about 3 months old and just starting to sleep in his own room. We were living in a town house and the only things up stairs were our two rooms and the bathroom and I, my husband and son were the only ones living in the house. We had a baby monitor and were lying down to go to bed when we suddenly heard a loud crash come from our son’s room. We dashed to the room (all of 4 steps from door to door) and when we entered the room his dresser was tipped over, the drawers were pulled out and all his cloths were thrown around his room. It was the first time that I truly got frightened by something like that. I guess because it was now involving my new preemie son. Luckily our son slept through the whole thing. Needless to say he no longer slept in that room.

The next major event, and I say major because he was always looking/playing with someone, was when he was around 13 months old. We were living in an upstairs garage apartment. He has a small room that was “L” shaped. His crib was directly in front of the door. There was just enough room for the door to open. The door also had an old door knob that wouldn’t turn or lock on it. We had lived there for quite a while at this point. One night we had put him to bed and were sitting in the living room watching TV. Suddenly he started crying. I would like to be clear here. If you have children you know they have different cries. This was a bone chilling cry of a toddler that was terrified. We rushed to the door but it wouldn’t budge. My husband was pushing and throwing his body against the door and it was not giving at all. I was beginning to get very upset. Finally my husband ran into the door and broke the door frame. This is where it gets scary. There was a large trundle drawer under his crib. It had been pulled out, turned on its side, and wedged between his crib and the wall and the door knob. I rushed in and grabbed my son. He was staring into the corner and shaking uncontrollably. I looked into the corner and saw a dark shadow and got the chills. I was truly frightened.  From then on his door knob was removed and a shoe string was tied to the side of his crib and through the hole in the door where the knob had been.

These are just a very few of the experiences that I have had. I truly feel that I attract these kinds of things and my son is following in my footsteps. I just hope that nothing as scary as these two things ever happen to him again.