Creepy Critters

by Season


Ok, this one sounds crazy even to my own ears, but I can only tell the truth about what happened, and this is what happened. One day I was sitting in my living room on the floor cleaning and organizing my cds and dvds. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two black objects “scurrying” across the floor to my right. When I looked directly at them, they were gone. I shook it off and went about my task. A few seconds later they appeared again and this time when I looked directly at them I noticed that they disappeared around the corner towards the hall. I leaned over and glanced down the hall and there at the end of it were these two “creatures” “hopping” over each other. They disappeared into my bedroom and were gone. The doorway to my bedroom at the back of the house is the site of a lot of happenings that I will talk about later. Again, I shook it off and told myself my eyes were playing tricks on me.

A few nights later I was sitting on my couch reading a book when I got a glimpse of these same two creatures again. From where I was on the couch I could see down the hall. They once again disappeared into my bedroom. The description of these creatures is going to sound very bizarre but the only way I can describe them is that they looked like a cross between a spider and a bat. Weird I know, but the truth. It had four legs extended out and then down like a spider but it had a head like a bat. I have never in my life seen anything like it and had no idea what they were. They were hyper little creatures though.

About a week had gone by with no further sightings so I figured whatever they were, they had moved on. Unfortunately that was not the case as later that night they appeared again. I was asleep in my daughters room (she was at a relatives) when something woke me up. When my eyes focused, I realized I was looking right at these two creatures in the doorway to the room. They were once again hopping around and over each other and looking at me. I thought maybe I was having a nightmare when to my disbelief I realized that I was wide awake and these creatures were not going away. In a firm voice I told them to “go away” then rolled over to go back to sleep. I got the feeling that they hadn’t done what I said so just a few seconds later I turned back around to see if they had left. They didn’t and were still doing the same thing in the doorway.

All of a sudden one of them jumped up on the bed and hopped from one side of me to the other. I yelled, “stop that” but for the first time that I had told something to leave (which I will elaborate on later) they didn’t. The other one stayed by the door doing little hops from side to side while my bedmate continued to hop around the bed, to the floor, and back on the bed again. Again I told it to stop to no avail. I followed this thing with eyes for about a minute just in shock that this was even happening. I could tell it was looking at me but I could not see it’s eyes. Finally, I got louder and said in an even firmer voice, “Go away, now!!” and they did.

Just as I thought it was over and was laying back down to go to sleep, something from underneath the bed lifted up the mattress (I was on a bunk bed, bottom bunk, with only a thin mattress and rails) right at my stomach area. I came up on two hands as this thing pushed me up and watched the mattress come up with my own eyes. I got a mental image of the creature on it’s back lifting up with it’s feet. For the last time I told it to stop and go away. That was the last time I ever saw these creatures again. I had never heard, seen, nor read anything close to what these were so afterwards I did an internet search and came up across word “imp”. I don’t know if that’s what paid me a visit but it sure sounds like it to me.