When Dreams Come As Warnings

by ~Brovinadeergooberpoop~

Years ago my 4 year old cousin burnt his grandmas house down. He was living there with his mother, sister, grandma & grandpa.  Everyone was at work except the grandma who was watching the children.  They were in a back bedroom playing. The 4 year old found a child proof lighter and some how lit the mattress on fire.   He got scared and shut the bedroom door & hid in a closet. His sister who was about 6 years old at the time ran & told their grandma, she got everyone out of the house and no one was hurt.

Come to find out a couple nights before the fire their aunt who stayed at the house from time to time woke up in the middle of the night because she had a horrible nightmare that the 4 year old (the one that lit the fire) was laying in a casket in the bedroom & there was a knight dressed all in white kneeling next to the bed & he had a sword that he was dragging back & forth underneath the bed.  She jumped up out of bed freaking out, went into the kitchen & her mother (the grandmother of the children) was sitting at the table & she said “I had a horrible nightmare” & my aunt said “me too”. They both had the SAME exact dream!