What is this? R u kidding me?!!

by Spiritseeker101

Okay, here goes.  I had been suffering from a severe back and neck injury for about a year caused from an accident at work.  I was taken off work permanently as a result.  As you can imagine like everyone else I had BIG BIG dreams for my family and myself, and a goal set for at least 4 more years of school to become a Toxicologist.  So this injury was a MAJOR set back, one that will be here the rest of my life. I was told and still am, that it is inoperable and will only get worse.  This was devastating!  I was very depressed.

I am trying to get across how life changing and horrible this was and still is.  During that first year it hit me that I was unable to work ever again, running and playing baseball, basketball and catch with my kids (all 6) and their father was out of the question. walking, sitting, lying down and sleeping all involved pain, at times excruciating.

So, at the end of that first year, I decided that in light of that fact there was no way in hell I was going to live this way and the pain could f off and die.¬† One¬† summer night, when all my kids were outside with their dad playing football and riding their bikes, all I could think about was being in Santa Barbara this time last Summer, and body surfing in the Ocean waves, and it hit me hard that I will never be able to do that again, my body is not able to fight the water enough to swim back to shore. That CRUSHED me, I started to cry and throw the biggest pity party for myself that I EVER had. lol, so¬† I got¬† a huge glass full of water and set out all my bottles of medication in front of me.¬† And there I sat¬† looking at those bottles and glass of water and crying thinking WOW,this is it.¬† My life is so over,¬† its just not worth getting out of bed for one more f-ing day. I’m checkin out, no more pain,¬† I wont have to tell my kids “sorry guys I can’t go, or¬† I can’t do that with you, it’s just too painful watching others doing things that I never will again.¬†¬† F it!!!

While I was throwing myself this little pity party, I kept noticing these obnoxious lights out of the corner of my eye. These lights were bluish/white, the largest was about the size of a silver dollar, they were flying around the wall in¬† front of me, and above the tv and on the wall. To me it looked like what would happen if you gave a bunch of kids little flashlights and told them “hey go shine this on that ladies wall and wave them around as obnoxiously as you can and bug the CRAP out of her!!

At first these damn things were pissing me off!! I was thinking in my head “Damn kids!¬† Okay thats it!”¬† I got up and stomped behind me over to the window in my bedroom and grabbed the curtains and yanked them open!¬† Some little shits were gonna get it, and their parents were gonna know about it too!¬† We were on the second floor of an upstairs apartment, with apartments very close behind us as well.¬† I was looking below the window and out into the parking lot behind the building.¬† No one, nothing, not even a car running or grown-ups talking.¬† No kids, no nothing.¬† It was then that I realized I had to open the curtains, they had been shut. So how the hell could flashlights show that bright through a curtain?
I turned around to look and see if they were still there, YUP, there was about 5 of them and the largest was the size of a silver dollar.

These lights were just criusin around my bedroom like crazy on one wall and on the tv and dresser, just whippin around, my mind couldnt wrap around any reason for this except kids, probably mine, messin with me of course with the help of their dad, so I looked out the window one more time.  Nope, no one there.  I could still see these things out of the corner of my eye when I looked down and to the right and left out the window.

I turned around and looked at them, and sat on my bed.  To me, they seemed to be on the wall, not independent of it.  Which would explain why I thought it was flashlights of some sort, and kids, you all know how they can  keep doing something because THEY KNOW how badly you want them to stop!  So I decided to go into the living room and see if I could see them in there, or see if the person playing this joke on me would follow me in there.

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch facing the t.v. and yup there they were whizzing around like in the bedroom.¬† I thought yeah it has to be a flash light.¬† I smiled and looked behind me feeling stupid as there was a wall behind me, so no chance anyone was shining any kind of light from behind me.¬† I was thinking this is crazy!! WEIRD, really f…..ing WEIRD!!

I went back in the bedroom to see if these crazy lights would follow me there.¬† I walked fast, you know what I mean, you start walking fast thinking something is behind you gonna get you, the boogey man.¬† lol, you know like the one from when you were a kid.¬† Like when you would crawl under the covers thinking that was gonna protect you.¬† How funny is that , like there is some secret human code that monsters and ghosts couldnt cross, THE CODE OF THE PROTECTED BLANKIE…..!!!¬† The SAFE ZONE…..THE BLANKIE ZONE~~……well it always seemed to work….

Okay, well, I start to walk faster, but I couldn’t run because of my back so I knew I was screwed!¬† I get to my bedroom and sit on the bed and bigger than heck there they were.¬† Whipping around and flying around, not real fast, So I was looking at them, mostly the biggest one.¬†¬† I was really trying to see if I could see anything inside of this light. The only thing I noticed was that they were not shining on the wall, they were just floating there, in the air.¬† The inside of the round lights looked like it was filled with clouds swirling around, and they weren’t all white, they had some blue color too.

As I sat there trying to see a face or anything I could inside this ball of light, this big one, stops and floats a little toward me, I’d say about 4 feet give or take a few inches, and I cocked my head like you’d see a dog do when they are really curious, so I am bending my head slightly from left and back to the right then all of a sudden this ball comes shooting up to me about a foot away from my face!¬† Oh MY GOD!¬† I did not know what the heck to do.¬† I could see this glow on my cheeks.¬† It was a blue glow from this ball.¬† I was looking at this thing, and my eyes were probably as big around as my head, and I am still trying to see inside this thing.¬† I was thinking how cool this was, and was thinking about putting out my hand to see if it would come to me, and I was not really afraid.

I still don’t know what spooked me, but I chickened out and leaned back away from it with my right arm and it shot back almost to the wall.¬† It was almost as if it didn’t want to scare me.¬† My mind was going crazy, is this a joke, is it an angel, is it spirits of my family or friends, is this an alien, a demon, damn I didn’t know I still don’t know.¬† This is the first time I have ever told anyone the whole story.¬† Okay, so, I back away, it backs away and I decide shit someone has to see this or they will think i have lost my mind and belong in a loony bin somewhere for good!¬† I was more afraid of that than of the balls of light.¬†¬† So I got up and went to the front door and called down to Rod and the kids to come up.¬† I yelled a few times and they didn’t want to hear me, or didn’t hear me, but my sons’ friend and neighbor, who was about 15 yrs old came up to see if everything was ok.

I told him what happened and I said just wait just watch they were in the bedroom and I came in here and they followed me, so we waited and they SHOWED UP!!¬†¬† I said DO YOU SEE?¬† I must have sounded frantic, lol.¬† Now he couldn’t see them at first, but everywhere I looked that I could see them I would say “HERE” “ITS OVER HERE”¬† “DO YOU SEE IT, DO YOU SEE THEM”¬†¬† FINALLY he saw them, but he never got to see them full on.¬† He could only catch them out of the corner of his eyes, which I thought was totally unfair, what a rip off.¬† So we watched these disappear, and fly around, and come and go, and fly around for a while, I dont know how long, i imagine it was only a few seconds, or it could have been a couple mins.

He got bored and he said it was weird and creepy and he went back downstairs to play his safe game of football and be normal and forget he had ever came up to see this.  I assume, since he ran out screaming that it gave him the creeps.  I was happy at least SOMEONE saw what i was seeing.

I sat on the couch for a while, and they started to disappear until only a few were left; there were maybe around five.  I noticed that the biggest one would go from the t.v. wall to the clock on the wall and the two smaller ones would fly around in and out of sight.
Then they were gone as quick as they came.¬† I sat there on the couch with my mouth open, I mean really, my mouth was open and I was dumbfounded… speechless.¬† I was sad too because I didnt know what they were.¬† I asked the bigger light to please come back. I said something like “Would you come back, the biggest one, lights would you please, please come back, just one more time to let me know I am not crazy?”…¬† I ‘ll be DAMNED, It DID.¬† for a few seconds and then was gone.

I pushed my luck and asked a few more times and each time it did come back.  I never did know what they were. Or find anyone who could tell me.  It is my hope to meet someone who has had a similar experience so we can discuss it.

A short time after, like a week or so.  I became really sad, and frustrated that when the light did come up to me and I could see the glow on my face and feel the warmth, I wussed out and backed off, I DIDNT EVEN PUT OUT MY HAND OR ASK ANY QUESTIONS.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yup bigger than crap, I blew it.  No photo no recording no nothing. I wonder sometimes If I asked it to, and asked permission to take a picture or recording, if it would let me.  I have asked a few times to see it again.  But no luck.  I do hope to see it again, and this time no wussing out!!

Good Luck to Everyone on your Investigations