Never throw the Ouija Board Away

by ~Brovinadeergooberpoop~

A few years back I was dating this guy. While getting to know him I find out he is an atheist. So he didn’t exactly share the fascination I had for the paranormal. He thought the idea of an after life, ghost hunting, or spirits roaming among us was absolute rubbish.

So one day he mentions he found an old Ouija board from when he was a child at his mothers house & he wants to bring it over. I asked him not to because of his attitude towards the paranormal & also because my mother had some pretty scary experiences involving the Ouija Board. I don’t want to open any doors; at least not in my house. So I asked him not to bring it to my house. He just thought that was so ridiculous. He said his mom wanted it out of her house & wanted him to get rid of it. So I remembered reading stories about Ouija Boards along the years and I figure I’m going to mess with him. I start babbling on and on about how you can’t just throw them away, you have to go through this certain ritual and bind them when you get rid of them otherwise it will show back up in your house somewhere. He laughed in my face. I kept at it though. I kept telling him he was going to be sorry if he didn’t get rid of it properly. So a couple days later I was at his house & I guess to try and scare me he started taking a lighter to the board. He couldn’t get it to burn. I kept saying “See!!! You don’t know what you are messing with!” So all of a sudden he breaks it in half on his knee and takes it outside and throws it in a big garbage can on the side of his house. I guess trying to prove to me how silly I was to think any of this was true. I told him he was crazy and he was gonna be sorry. So later I left, drove home. He calls me the next morning & says “your never gonna believe what was sitting on my front door step when I got up!” At this point I am clueless. I had completely forgot about the Ouija board incident. I’m thinking he’s going to tell me there was a dead animal or something weird because he lived out in the middle of nowhere. So I said “I give up…what?” The Ouija board!!!!! I said “HA!!!! I told you!” Some how during the night the Ouija board crawled out of the big garbage can and walked about 10′ turned left & stepped up onto a step he has in front of his door. He was pretty amazed. I was astonished! I know he was spooked but he didn’t admit it. I read a story somewhere a long time ago that said the Ouija board will reappear in your house if you throw it away. I didn’t think it would actually happen. That’s a pretty amazing coincidence. Especially since I got to prove this skeptic wrong.