Our Ghost Named Clifford

by Tina From Maine

My Brother and I lived together for a couple of years to help each other out. We had been living in a camp like house on a lake in Maine, when my Brother came home to tell me he rented a new place that was closer to his work. He wanted me and my boyfriend to go check it out and tell him what we thought of the place.
My boyfriend and I got to the new place which was an old white house, three levels, and a garage with an automatic door opener on it. The apartment we rented was the largest one in the building. We later found out the house was the second oldest still standing house in that area. There was a sign on the house with a date of 1842. So we knew it was very old. We parked the car in the garage and closed the door. We then entered the new apartment.

It was indeed an old building that still used glass fuses in the electrical box. It had two fire places and it was a pretty good size. When I went by the second bedroom, I got a strange feeling. So bad that I didn’t go in the room I just looked inside. I ventured on into the rest of the apartment when I heard my boyfriend talking to someone. He thought it was me standing by the door of that same room I would not go in. I came from the dining room area and asked who was talking to and his face turned pale and he looked back at the room. He said you were just standing right in the door weren’t you? I said no, you seen me come from the dining room. I then began to feel it too like someone was there with us. It was a strong presences and it was like they didn’t want us there. We both agreed it was time to go.

Just as we were leaving, the lights went out in the house. We managed to make it to the car to find out the door wouldn’t open. I was really edgy and told him to open the door manually. He said I can’t and when I went to the back of the car he was pulling up on it with all his might. I said let me see and I began to pull on it and it popped right open. He just looked at me and we both jumped in the car and left.

That was the first encounter at that house. After we moved in we started to notice other things as well. Like the heat was always turned up high, even if no one touched it. One morning I walked to from our room to the bathroom to find all the cupboards were open. So I closed them and proceeded to the bathroom. I was only in there a few minutes and when I walked out they were opened again. So I said it was too early to mess with me and I closed them again and asked him or her politely to leave them alone. Once I felt someone touch me on the back of my neck only to turn around and find no one there. Once when I was doing dishes in the sink, the dishwasher (an old style one what required you to pull the hand and press the start button to make it run) turned on as I was standing there. At this point, I simple told them that me and family were now living there so they would have to learn to deal with it. Scariest time was when a blanket was pulled off the window and we watched foot prints in the rug appearing out of no where walk across the floor and the sound of giggling by a little girl every so often.

Later we found out that the house was owned by the same family for generations. The man that lived there until his death was named Clifford. He always had both fire places going at the same time which made it extremely hot. That explained the heat being turned up all the time for me. He was very set in his ways and loved to play cards. We also found out about a young girl that was mysteriously murdered on the railroad tracks lived there at one point too. We never did find out her name but it did explain the giggling every now and again.

I enjoyed living there and was use to the “others” living there too. We went from being uncomfortable in the beginning to building a good relationship with the spirits when we left. It was a sad parting but I took a souvenir of Clifford’s with me, so I could remember him and the house we called home. Silly but every now and again, I feel like he is around visiting from time to time where I live now.