Stupid Creepy Asshole Ghost That I Hit On Plank Rd.

by Erin K. Moore

About two years ago my sister and her girlfriend were coming home from Milan at about 8:30 to 9:00 pm. They decided to take the expressway toward Plank rd. My sister began to merge off onto the exit for Plank going at least 70 MPH when a man stepped into her path. At this point I can imagine that her adrenaline was pumping-BIG TIME. She said that she immediately slammed on the brakes, and as she was doing this the man turned and made eye-contact with her. She said the way he looked at her made her feel like he was trying to say “You’re next” with his eyes. The man didn’t give her enough time to stop and hitting him was inevitable…except he vanished right before her truck would have slammed into him. As this happened, the truck kept moving and the RPM’s and MPH’s were going crazy along with all the other electronics in the truck. Both she and her girlfriend felt like they were overheating as all this was going on, but described it as a heat that passed through them. When my sister regained a little control, she pulled her truck over and stopped to make sure she hadn’t actually hit anybody. Nobody was there except two terrified girls in a big pick-up truck.
They arrived home wide eyed and terrified as they recalled the entire event to my mother. Meanwhile her girlfriend had called one of her friends to tell them about it, because unfortunately this wasn’t something she could go to her parents about. After a little while someone called back with a claim that the man in question had been seen all over Milan that night, but after a little research seemed to be linked to Plank rd. and/or Plank rd. cemetery.

This is when Big Sis decides to step in. I wasn’t so much fascinated by this as I was pissed off. (I felt like my little sister had been picked on-so the protective instinct kicked in.) I called up one of my friends and relayed the story. As we were talking the phone’s started to crackle on both ends-and then both calls were lost. Strange. Since there’s a cell phone tower two doors down from my parents house. He calls me back and as soon as we begin talking about the incident the phones begin acting up in the same manner…again. This time my friend could hear a man’s gruff voice underneath the crackling, but couldn’t make out anything he was saying. We try the phones again, this time I have told my mother what just happened and put the phone on speaker so we can conduct our little experiment. We go about chatting like normal and then switch back to the previous topic of the man who just terrified my sister…same result as the previous two times. I guess you would call that a success, and it freaked my mom out. One more call from my friend, but this time it’s just to discuss the fact that he was coming over to pick me up and we were going to go investigate the area which my sister had just been in as well as Plank rd./ Plank rd. cemetery.

The exit/entrance ramps for Plank rd. leave us empty-handed. We head from there to Plank rd. and I instruct my friend to find a radio-station. He asks: “Do you want me to put one on with static?” I answer: “No, we need one or two without static to see if there’s any interference.” We settle on 101.1 which is coming in clearly…as we near the cemetery the radio begins acting up in a similar manner to our phones when we had been discussing the ghost earlier. This unfortunately is no proof of paranormal activity-anything could have been interfering with the radio stations out there…even though they don’t act up in the area normally, still nothing solid.

We drove into the cemetery and, again, came up empty handed. For days I continued to drive the path my sister drove at different times of day/night/weather conditions and kept coming up empty handed. I even tried calling the ghost out like you would if you were calling someone out to “fight like a man” or “pick on someone your own size…or dimension”. No response. Of course, the next time my sister drives out that way she runs into him. This time she floored it and took off.

The only experiment I have left to conduct is taking my sister’s truck, sister in tow, and drive the path again. If for some reason he likes toying with my sister…maybe he’ll come out again if he thinks I’m her.

One more thing to consider: A year or two prior to this incident a man was hit by a car one night while walking home from the Moose in Milan. He would have survived, but later that night he was hit again.