You Called?

by Season

April 4, 2006

I was in my living room reading on the computer. The kids were outside and the hubby was in the back bedroom asleep. The house was completely quiet with no TV’s or radios on. The only sound was the low “chattering” of my parakeet. Out of nowhere someone or something said my name in a loud whisper. It sounded like a female voice. I can see into my kitchen from where I was in the living room and there was no one there. I keep trying to tell myself that it was just a strange hiss or something that just happened to sound like my name but then the event comes back clearly in my mind and I realize there is no way that is possible. My name was spoken very clearly. It was too distinct to be anything else. And it wasn’t my kids. I can’t hear them outside unless my windows are open, or they are right up against a nearby window. Neither of them were but even if they had been, they would not call me by my name. They would call me “mom”. I keep trying to but I just can’t explain this one away. This is just one of the many events that happened in this house.