Mysterious Lights

by Tina From Maine

One evening my friends and I were riding around the back roads. Doing what teenagers do: smoking cigarettes and drinking. It was completely dark when the car we were riding in sputtered and stalled on a road far from home. We had no power and the car would not start. There were five of us total in the car and we all began laughing. Finding humor in our situation. Then someone noticed some lights. We all looked to see lights coming from the left side of the road ahead of us. I said I hope they don’t hit us cause nothing is working in the car. We all watched as the lights went across the road straight to the other side. Relieved that they didn’t turn our way, we all laughed again. But the driver of the car wasn’t laughing. I asked him what was the matter. He said I know this area very well and there is no road that goes that way. We all said yeah there is cause we all just saw it. Pale and acting nervous he turned the key to have the car start right up. Turned on our lights and went to the spot where the car crossed. We all got out to investigate. Not only was there no road there, there were no tracks, and no sign of a vehicle. We all got freaked out jumped back in the car and high tailed it home.