The Shaft Of Light That Saved My Life

by Season

November 2005

One night as I was getting ready for bed I went to turn on the heat. Something was wrong with our furnace, however, so I plugged in a little electric heater promising myself I wouldn’t fall asleep with it on. It is no more than a blow dryer really and not designed to stay on for long periods of time. Well, I fell asleep of course and sometime later I was “pulled awake” by a clear mental message that I needed to get up because I had left the heater on. Whatever was doing the pulling I don’t’ know for sure but it was a shaft of light seeming to hang in the air (not up against a wall or anything) and as I becoming fully awake I was already looking right at it and thanking it. That’s how I knew it was what had woken me up. I tried but I could not find a source for the light, outside nor otherwise. As soon as I thanked it, it was gone.

I got up to turn the electric heater off and unplug it when I noticed the outlet and the wall around it were scolding hot. I was afraid there might be a fire in the wires so I called the fire department who told me to feel the wall in about ten minutes and if it is not cooler to give them a call back. Thankfully it cooled down. Whoever that was who warned me, I will forever be grateful, my house could have burned down.