A Warm Touch

by Season

September 2005

One night after the kids had gone to bed and my husband had gone to work I was once again reading on the computer when I felt a very distinct hand on my back. It was a warm touch and the hand was about the size of my own. I was hunched over so I straightened my back to see if the hand would remain and it did. After about 7 seconds it left and I turned around to find no one there.

Two days later my husband was on the computer and I was about 5 feet away from him on the couch watching TV. The kids had already gone to bed. All of a sudden he whipped around with a shocked and confused look on his face saying, “what the hell?”. He kept looking behind him and in a panicked voice told me that something had just touched him on the shoulder, slid down his shoulder, and tugged on his sleeve. He knew it wasn’t me because he could see me out of the corner of his eye the whole time. And the very second it happened he turned around to find no one there. He still refuses to talk about it to this day.