Our Ghostly Visitor

by Sue

My husband and I bought our house shortly before we were married in 2005.¬† What drew me from the day I first saw the house was that it seemed to have character.¬† It was beautifully decorated and I really liked the layout.¬† Shortly after my husband, son and myself moved in, strange things began to happen.¬† I had fixed dinner one evening and we were sitting at the kitchen table when my husband and son stopped eating and looked toward the living room.¬† I asked them what was wrong and they said, “didn’t you hear that?”¬† Both of them had heard the front door close and was waiting to see who walked into the kitchen.¬† There wasn’t anyone there.

We joked about having a ghost but inwardly my son and I were thinking, not again.¬† You see, living in a haunted house wasn’t a new experience for us.¬† My first personal encounter in our new home happened in the bedroom.¬† I was laying in bed at night with my head on my pillow and it felt like someone slid their hand or arm under my pillow.¬† My husband was at work and I was alone in the bedroom.¬† It happened on more than one occasion and each time I thought to myself, how weird.¬† Around this time I also started to see shadows.¬† I’ve been seeing shadows for 20+ years but this was a first in our new home.¬† These shadows weren’t significant in shape or size and I really didn’t put too much faith into them.¬† At this point in time I was still trying to tell myself everything that happened was my imagination, that we didn’t have a ghost.

One night last October, 2006, I came face to face with our ghost.¬† I had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.¬† Our bedroom and my son’s bedroom are off the living room which is at the front of the house.¬† I walked through the living room to get to the restroom doorway which is across from the washer and dryer at the entrance to my kitchen.¬† Didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.¬† After using the restroom, I opened the bathroom door, turned into the kitchen and less than 5 ft. from me stood a ghost.¬† I could make out the shape of his head, shoulders and chest but couldn’t tell you if he had legs or not.¬† When I saw him I gasped like you would if someone surprised you accidentally and then I just stared at him.¬† He didn’t move.¬† I remember telling myself, “Oh my God, I’m looking at a ghost!”¬† I don’t remember how long I stood there or if he disappeared before I did but I do remember walking back to the bedroom and covering my head with the blankets.¬† The next morning I told my husband about my experience.¬† It’s not that he doesn’t believe, but he has never had anything happen to him.¬† Then I told my son, asked him if he’d had any other experiences besides the door episode at dinner.¬† This is the story he told me.

He was sleeping in his bed one night, 7 mos. before my sighting, when he awoke in the middle of the night for no explainable reason.¬† His entertainment center is at the foot of his bed and the he noticed he couldn’t see the light from his vcr.¬† At first, he wondered why his golden lab was sitting on his bed but as his eyes adjusted to the light, he made out the shape of a person.¬† He saw his head, shoulders, back, arms and he could even make out one of his hands¬† resting on the dog who was laying on the bed!¬† Instead of being afraid, my son said it was quite the opposite.¬† He felt inner peace, a calm feeling.

We continue to have activity in our home but have no plans to relocate.¬†¬† I do, however, keep the light over my kitchen range on at night.¬† Not because I’m afraid but if I do get up in the night and there’s someone standing in my kitchen, I want to be able to see who they are.