I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore

by Season


Since my early childhood, long before I knew what “out of body experiences” or “astral projections” were, I knew that in my sleep I would travel. It’s a feeling I can’t explain of just knowing I had been somewhere, and it wasn’t a dream. There were times when I would “get back” I could actually feel my soul go back into my body. I would be awake and remember most of the places I had just gone.

There was one time when as soon as I came out of my body, I was immediately greeted by a little girl who was overjoyed to see me. She seemed so excited and happy to see me (and I her) that she took my “hand” and led me to a three-story house. I can remember “flying” (Lord that sounds nuts doesn’t it? I know, trust me) over trees and houses to get there. I don’t remember much about the first or second floors, but I remember very distinctly the passageways we took to the third floor. I don’t know what else to call them, they were like tiny crawl spaces or something. I can see it in my mind but it’s hard to explain because it wasn’t exactly a hallway or anything like that. Anyway, right in the middle of this, I think I became afraid because for some reason I abruptly found myself back in my body.

I mostly just traveled to people’s houses looking through their rooms. I don’t ever remember seeing any people, but I could describe houses and rooms that I had never been to in detail. As a child I don’t remember when I would leave my body but I would be a awake and conscious for the return. It feels as if your body is a vacuum cleaner sucking your “other self” into it. I could feel every step of it. As you can imagine, it’s hard to explain. When my two selves would become one again there were tingles all over my body and for a minute I would feel weightless.

Fast forward to 1999. These occurrences were second nature to me and I didn’t really think about them too much. By this time, I had heard about “out of body experiences” and knew that was what I experienced but I didn’t think much more about it. At the age of 29, however, I rented a few books from the local library on the subject and began to read. I spent one night reading, and the more I read the more I became spooked about it. And that was bad, because they had never scared me before, they were “natural” to me.

Once I learned more about what exactly was happening to me, I began to fear it. And that very night I had my first negative OBE. For the first time I could actually feel my soul as it began to leave my body. And I was aware it was happening! It felt like my inner self was pushing to get out of my body and then there would be a “release”. And for the first time I was conscious of where my soul was going AT THE TIME I WAS GOING, not just remembering where I had went when I got back. Big difference, let me tell you.

I remember going down my hallway into my living room and into the kitchen. This is the house prior to the one we live in now. There I saw my second spirit/ghost in an OBE (1st one was the little girl). He was a male in about his early 20’s I would guess. I got the impression that he wasn’t very nice, not evil or anything, just not very nice. He was lonely though, I felt that. And he wanted company. I turned away from him, and headed back into the living room knowing I was heading back to my body in the bedroom. He “stopped” me in the living room and began to play with me as if I were a little child. He took me by me “feet” and started swinging me around in a circle. For one moment I felt pure bliss, but then the fear washed back over me and I gave him a frightful look and quickly turned to go back into the bedroom. As I was turning, I could hear and see him giggle as if to make fun of me. My body was, like always, already awake when I returned so I felt myself go back in and immediately remembered what had just happened.

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but the lesson I learned from this is that negative attracts negative and vice versa. And fear was my negativity. Again, he was not evil but he wasn’t very nice, and I just happened to run into him the very first time I was aware of what was happening as it was happening, and was afraid of it. It’s a shame, to this day whenever I feel myself start to leave my mind sharply commands my inner self to stay. Most of the time I barely make it to the ceiling of the room I’m in and back. One time just last year or so I made it to the kitchen of my current house. But one incident about a year and a half ago brought about a whole new revelation. I will never forget it.

I was really tired one day and wanted to take a short nap but I knew I didn’t want to do that while the kids were still up and awake. I laid on the couch watching TV willing myself to stay awake. Just as I was about to doze off I felt my inner self start to leave. My mind tried to stop it but I made it to the outside of my house in the side yard. This is the part that amazes me. I was aware of being two selves at once. How do I explain? Um, my mind back with my body was scolding my other self to come back. And my other self was trying hard to take off through the backyard and beyond. I have no idea where my soul wanted to go, I just knew “I” wanted to go. It was like a test of wills between my mind and my soul. I can’t tell you how strange that feels. Finally, I literally felt my mind pull my soul back to my body. Again, I was already awake and got up and started doing chores to keep it from happening again. I know this all sounds crazy, it sounds crazy to my own ears. But it is the truth, no matter how bizarre.