~Written By Jacqueline S. Foreman~

Hello everyone! Do you wonder where I’ve been? Well for those of you who give a shit I have been in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Burlington NJ. Why? You may ask….and here is the answer, my sister Sherry and I are paranormal investigators with Orion Paranormal. You can checkout the web site at orionparanormal. com and us there under the Mid-Atlantic Region. Yes dear friends, I have been ghost hunting. In all seriousness. It has been pretty interesting.

The first place we went was Portsmouth, NH. We investigated a haunted Irish pub and a lighthouse. Now let me explain something…it was 70 degrees outside when we left NYC. When I we got to Portsmouth it was snowing. We were totally unprepared for such a dramatic change in the weather. Being inside the pub was fine, it was horrible when we reached the light house. The wind was whipping around and we had to cross this little wooden bridge that extended from the shore to the light house that was on a little island in the water. Did I mention that it was midnight and snowing and that there were jagged rocks pointing up through the water? I have a weird fear of bridges but I did not want to look like a punk so I walked across the bridge but I was going slow. Some guy named Chris was jumping on the bridge shaking it. I turned around and told him I was going to bust him in the face with my camcorder if he did not stop. He stopped.

On the first leg of the investigation we were in the basement of the pub and the lights kept turning on and off. Then my sister started acting weird like she was going to cry, now keep in mind we went into this situation blind. We had no history on the pub or its occupants . Sherry said she had to get out of there so we did. In the parlor she said that she felt like she had been sexually assaulted. Well, we found out that the pub had been a bordello and that many sailors had been through the doors to see the women who lived there. There was a woman named Lilly who was a cook. She was dragged down to the basement and raped. That is what Sherry was feeling. It rated about a 5.7 on my spookometer. It was really trippy. We picked up no paranormal activity at the lighthouse. So, It was about 2am and we were ready to get some gas and turn in to prepare for the investigation the next evening in a private home in New Hampshire.

Now we had a problem, we were on “E” and there was not one gas station in the whole town! We took a chance and got on the expressway and found a gas station immediately. God was looking out for us! After that we got to our hotel which we could see clearly from the road but could not get ro from where we were…it was like a maze that we had to solve to get there. So after about 20 minutes spent trying to get there we were finally make it. I got out of the car to get my bag and the wind almost carried me away. My sister said “WTF? Are we in Alaska?” I started laughing hysterically because I was so tired. Then as we moved toward the entrance her suitcase exploded. That was my breaking point. I was like “Sherry get it together or I am going to die out here!” She growled something back at me and tried to get her luggage to cooperate. After she got it closed we finally made it into the hotel lobby. We dropped everything right there and checked in. We were at the Wyndham and they did not have porters for our luggage so I was pissed because we had to carry everything ourselves.

Then when I think things can’t get any worse, our room was all the way at the end of the hall on the right side. We got there and once again dropped all our equipment and luggage. Now just when I think my nightmare is over, I am tossed into Dante’s 7th circle of hell. The key did not work. So we tried the other key, it did not work either. That is when Sherry began to kick the door. It was so pitiful that I laughed until I cried. She grabbed a can of coke and told me to watch everything and she would go back to get the situation fixed. When she returned she said, “I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we have a new room, the bad news is that it is all the way down at the opposite end of the hall.” I think that is when I started to loose it, I was like forget it I am going to just lay here in the hall and sleep I am too tired to take another step. So as we dragged our stuff to the new room. I complained the entire time and Sherry was like, “Will you shut up? I was really tired but we finally made it to the room. I dropped everything and dove into one of the beds. I would have slept with my clothes on but my sister told me to go get my jammies on so she could have the bathroom next. I did so and hit the bed again and I passed out. I did not wake until 10 am.

I spoke to Sherry about breakfast and she rolled over and gave me the finger. I think that meant that she had no intention of getting up. So I went back to sleep until 1pm. I just could not sleep any more. I got up and showered and dressed for the day then I read some books on how paranormal investigations should be carried out. Finally at 5pm Sherry woke up and went to shower. We did not have to be to the next investigation until 7:30 pm. So I ordered everything on the room service menu to be delivered to our room. It was enough food to feed six people and I did not give care, I was starving!. I wanted to taste everything. When Sherry saw all the food she laughed and said the ghost or demons made me hungry. We ate and got our equipment ready for the evening. We took our equipment and made it to the investigation on time.

We had a Medium/Psychic named Shari with us and she was good. I could not figure out how she did it but she was really awesome. The problem was that the wife was seeing and hearing things and her husband did not believe her. She wanted to prove that she was not crazy. The team was briefed on the situation except for Shari, she needed to go in blind so her evidence would not be contaminated. We mounted camcorders and recording devices all over the house. Then we went into the living room and the power was cut. We waited in the darkness to see or hear something. If we could not hear or see it we were hoping that our equipment picked something up. Then the medium started to speak but the message was not for the wife, it was for her husband. The entity called itself Michael’s grandfather and told us that he used to be with him all the time. He helped to raise him. He asked if Michael remembered going to the junk yard looking for pieces to build him a bike, well let me tell you, Mike is a BIG man built like a lumberjack and he fell apart and cried like a baby. It was really something to witness. Shari gave him so much more information and let him know that Grandpa was not going into the light until he damn well pleased because he had built the house and he had a right to be there. He told them that they should not have removed a support beam and that they needed to put it back. He promised not to scare them anymore and that he really just wanted to watch over the family as long as he could. I have never witnessed anything like it. It was beautiful. A man who believed in nothing finally had proof of God and an afterlife. So having proved that his wife was not crazy we packed up our equipment and left. I have my camcorder tape, and sound recordigs (EVP’s) and am currently analyzing the data for anything important. Needless to say the whole experience was wonderful but emotionally draining. I was asked to join Orion Paranormal which I did and I can’t wait for the next outing. We were thinking of doing this cemetery that looks more like a Necropolis in Brooklyn, and an Indian reservation in NJ next. What ever it is I will be sure to keep you all informed. Next, I’ll tel you about my investigation at the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA with Chris Moon of Haunted Times Magazine. It was AWESOME!