~Written By Cassandra~

Most of us believe that ghosts confirm that there is life after death. A person dies, and must move on right? Those who do not move on, and choose to remain, haunt a place. Often the hauntings go on because the ghost cannot leave as he is looking for retribution, revenge or wishes to attend to unfinished business.

Now if you all take the sightings reported and were to classify them, you would end up with very few sightings that refer to an intelligent type of haunting, which would be what I described at the beginning of this article. The most common type of hauntings that we come across describe residual hauntings, which are not the ghost itself, but actually an imprint of the ghost re-enacting a scene. So, the stories we read are about an entire battle coming to life before our eyes, as if it were happening at that moment, for example, or of a murder being executed before our very eyes, or the last moments of a person before he faces a violent death. We also can come across stories that tell us of ghosts dressed in period clothing going through everyday tasks and seemingly moving through walls. In most of these cases, the ghost seems to lack legs, as if standing on the floor of a place that has previously existed. I have also run into explanations of how residual hauntings are impossible. This involves the electromagnetic spectrum and how matter absorbs it. According to this, we cannot leave an imprint on our surroundings. However, in order to accept this, I would like to have read the explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum and how certain quartzes or metals, such as iron, are affected by it. I have not been able to find this explanation on the net yet. I do believe that quartzes or limestone, granite and iron have a lot to do with residual hauntings. It is a hypothesis, sure! But it is a step towards trying to explain something that people continue to experience frequently.

Now let’s take a look at time slips. Time slips are also a hypothesis that is out there. The fact is that time is not linear, and this has been proved. So, it is natural to be able to come up with a number of hypothesis to try to explain certain anomalous phenomena. Time slips have been put into books and movies for some time now. Nobody knows for sure why time slips happen, but there are some pretty bizarre stories on the net about them. Most include interaction with people from the past, who are wearing period clothes and who actually talk back or acknowledge your presence. Most of the people who witness the time slip often report that they feel funny, sounds seem to be absent or muffled, or that they really seem to have stepped into the past as the scene they witness before them does not exist in the present. They know this because they have even returned to the place where they saw this and the houses/buildings/people have seemingly vanished without a trace. Others also report that sometimes the time slip does not show them a scene, but a person. One of these cases involves a clerk at a bookshop. This old man even sold the two women some books, but when they returned the next day to look for him, they discovered that this man was gone and according to the clerk there, had never been seen before. I’ve also read story in a paranormal magazine about an old man appearing in Disneyland, where he gazed at everything in awe. The person who noticed him, even approached him and gave him his remaining tickets so that he could visit the rest of the attractions. Much to his amazement, some time after, this man identified the lost stranger as Alfred Watkins, who had studied ley lines and had published a book about them in 1925. The problem was that Mr. Watkins had died long ago and this man had seen and talked to him in 1980! (Fate magazine, April 2008 issue)

What about time slips and ghosts, I hear you ask. Well, I have this theory about ghosts. What if the ghosts in question are NOT ghosts but the ACTUAL people who somehow interact with the people in the present? In this case, WE would be the ghosts!!! Does this seem too far-fetched to you? Well, recently on an episode of Ghost Hunters, they actually caught some pretty interesting EVP’s that actually may confirm this theory! Click the link below to look at what they caught. Note that the quality of the video sucks, as this is a recording of the TV screen monitor. For a clearer video, click on the second link, but this second link also includes the beginning of their second investigation which is not what I want to point out here.



Notice that the ‘princess’ who is the ghost that is apparently speaking to them, cannot see them, but seems to hear them perfectly. This is especially significant since they do not see her at any time, only hear her when playing back the audio. Time slips refer specifically to visual rather than auditory. So can we consider this example to confirm the theory mentioned above? For now, I would say it confirms that these time slips do seem to occur and in these cases we may very well be disembodied voices to the past human being if it is auditory, and appear as ghosts to them if it is visual!

Fascinating stuff isn’t it? We may very well be the ghosts that we think we see!