~Written By T-Stokes~


A quick look at your hands will tell you a lot.

The American Medical Assoc says . “the human hand is a unique organ, from which an extraordinary amount of clinical information may be gleaned

Over many years I have read the hands of many well known psychics mediums and sensitives, and very few hands contain more than a couple of these signs.

This is the hand of Australia’s winner of the top psychics award, Alex Fulford which has the following:-

(1) The psychic cross, this is found between the two crossing lines Heart and Head, under the fingers and unite the powers of Head and Heart, or as Carl Jung said, thinking and feeling.
This was said in the middle ages to represent where Jesus had the nails through his hands and gives an intuitive outlook to the personality, if it touches the fate or destiny line which runs up the hand centre it gives an exceptional intuitive side to career decisions.

There is a small half circle under the central or Saturn finger at the top of the destiny line, this means the person feels ” different ” or just cut off from others and it is not really a happy omen.

(2) The curved line from the percussion up to the small finger, this unites the subconscious of the heel of the hand to the Mercury finger giving access from the subconscious arenas into the communicative area of Mercury, being the messenger of the gods this is the power to write or verbalize those thoughts, I have often seen this marking with those who see or feel dead people and this marking is most often seen with spirit mediums.

( 3 ) The forked headline, the lower branch reaches into the subconscious, these people usually like sci-fi and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings type stuff as they tend not to be too worldly, the spirit interests them more than the physical, in this case the upper branch is slightly heavier showing a rational balanced outlook, but when seen like this always tells of a balanced nature, and is usually seen in Air signs, and Alex is a Libran which is the sign of the scales of balance.

( 4 ) This upward slanting line to the small finger is usually seen as a health line and in the Middle ages the monks who taught these skills saw particularly the liver here hence its old name of the Heptica, one of this lines implications is that these people usually have “gut feelings” as this too can enhance the intuition, generally this is examined for particulars on the diet and digestion.

(5) Heavily joined life and head, this shows caution and sensitivity, in Tibetan palmistry this is the mark of the tortoise, who must take things at his own pace, this marking is often seen with those who think a lot about life, hence the joining.

(6) This small line under the first or Jupiter finger, is said to show the occult student, some one with an innate sense of sympathy for others, its called the ring of Solomon, as Solomon was supposed to be a wise student of the sciences.

This hand shows the first of Jupiter finger to stand higher in the hand which sloped down to the small or Mercury finger and the first or Jupiter finger being larger than the third, shows a leader, some fated to be in charge or a position of authority, they have the confidence to take what they do to the masses, and are very able to ignore entrenched skeptics and other disturbed personalities, but with a low set small finger into the hand, this can show an afflicted Mercury, so they hold back in communications a lot, these people tend to ” bottle up ” their feelings some what.

Alex Fulford says she has all four of the “clairs ” Clairvoyance or clear seeing, Clairaudience or clear hearing and Clairsentience which is really clear feeling or sensing, and also clear smelling and tasting.

I used palmistry for many years in counseling while working in the Graywood natural healing clinic, and it can be a wonderful tool.

Remember both hands should always be read together for accuracy, and if you read for others, be gentle remember the healers motto, ” do no harm “