~Written By Ryan Sparks~ 

Everyone who is a paranormal investigator knows a bit about what an EMF meter does. An EMF meter is an electronic device that has the ability to obtain  EMF readings in an area. Readings for paranormal activity are believed to range between 2.0 and 8.0. Any reading above this is usually something emitting a man-made electromagnetic field. A lot of people don’t strongly suggest EMF detectors and use dowsing rods instead. When it comes to dowsing rods, the hands can tend to manipulate the rods and I don’t have enough proof to believe in them.  But I beg to differ with the use of EMF detectors.  EMF’s are a tool to read the electromagnetic field. When it spikes into a certain reading from .5 – 2.0, you have to be aware of your surroundings because a lot of electronic devices can trigger your detector to go “nutso.” This is why it is good to do an EMF sweep in each room and document each reading you acquire.

Make sure you hold your EMF steady and note each movement of milligaus readings. Don’t get me wrong, there are some hyper sensitive EMF’s out there and trust me, I’ve been there and the detector will give you some inaccurate occurrences and you just need to know what you’re dealing with. One thing I find a problem with is cell phones which go off with the EMF detector and so does some of your equipment such as the infrared cameras and digital recorders, plus sometimes even a Mini DV will set off an EMF detector. Yet, when it comes to the paranormal and EMF’s, it’s all theoretical. Maybe someday EMF meters will actually be able to capture readings and label certain things paranormal.  You never know! The paranormal field is always changing and developing new theories. It’s one of the best things right now since sliced bread lol!

High EMF Fields and their Effects

When you get into the causes of high EMf field studies out there have been reporting, results include which include: headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue, and even hallucinations which contain – feeling of being watched, hearing voices and even being touched physically.  A lot of people claim their house is haunted but it could be just a high EMF’s in the home. Keep in mind where you see high EMF readings on investigations which could come in handy in any conclusions you may draw from an investigation.

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