~Written by ‘V’~

Bill gave me the opportunity to contribute here, and as per usual, the minute he asks for writing from me, my muse curls up with a good book and headphones and ignores me. The lazy sod refuses to come up with any topics that won’t make me sound like a complete wackjob. I finally figured, what the Hell, I can sound like a complete wackjob for Bill. I mean he already knows I’m nuts, and not to put too fine a point on it, but the rest of you don’t know me well enough to have me committed.

There are several different things I may eventually write about here: Aura reading, energy transference, mental shielding, and all sorts of new age-y type stuff that sounds like a bunch of crap even to myself, despite my experiments with them. Before we can get into any of those things though, there are basic techniques that need to be established. The main two things are meditation and visualization.

There are probably more meditation techniques than leaves on any given tree. I’m not going to sit here and say you do THIS . I’m simply going to tell you some of the ways that work for me. If you decide to take up meditation you’ll need to find the way that works best for you. There are countless books on the subject available, if nothing here feels right, look around for something that will work better for you.

I’ve meditated with candles, crystals, soft music, and any number of other clichéd things. Sometimes they worked, other times there was simply no relaxing my mind. I eventually found it just as easy to meditate without all the trappings one expects to use. I concentrate on my own breathing, and slowly reach the head space where actual stimuli are dimmed and I can start visualizing.

Visualizing, like meditation, is highly personal, what works for me may make absolutely no sense to you. Visualization isn’t a power itself, its just a tool to help you focus your mind on the particular job you want it to do. The way I use visualization changes based on what I’m trying to achieve. Even within the realm of aura reading, I visualize slightly different things based on what I’m looking for. Emotions, in my mind are a nebulous cloud of color roughly in front of a person, where as if I’m looking more towards the physical, such as health, the colors are closer to the body, more defined on some level, and often much more subdued. If I’m trying to read interactions between two people, I visualize each of them and how various colors ebb and flow between their bodies. These three very different ways of looking at auras are all the same image, a human form. The only difference is in how I ‘see’ the colors in relation to the body in each situation.

Since it seems like I’m working myself into writing more of these, I’ll leave those of you who might follow along a little homework. Consider what things in your life relax you completely, or seem to make you feel re-energized when you’re feeling bad. Some of these may help you clear your mind quicker than all the ‘standard’ trappings of meditation, especially with a little practice.

Until next time…

Zavada ‘V’ McElwain