Two Nightly Visitors

by ~Brovinadeergooberpoop~

Three nights ago my father was sleeping on the couch. He woke up and saw a women standing near the couch staring at him.  He blinked and she was gone.  Now the house he lives in was built in 1979.  No one else has ever lived in it. My parents actually had it built for them.  We have never had any paranormal happenings at this house.  So I asked him if it was his mother that he saw and he said “No she has gray hair and had a mean look on her face”.  So I guess he fell back asleep and was awoken again to find another women standing by the couch staring at him.  This women had dark hair and didn’t look mean.  He asked her what she wanted and she disappeared.  So he turned over with his back to the room and was again awoken by someone tapping on his back. He turned to look and there was no one there.  Trying to get the whole story out of him is like trying to pull teeth.  He doesn’t share my love for the paranormal.  Scares the crap out of him.  I asked him if the women that he saw were solid or transparent and he said they were definitely solid.  I then asked him what they were wearing and he just said they had on dresses.  He wouldn’t elaborate.  I don’t know what this means. I’ve heard of people talking about waking up to someone standing near their bed looking at them, but I have never heard of someone seeing two different people in the same night.