Premonition Cafeteria And The Basement Of Doom

by Kermit McGoober

Disclaimer: Certain names and places have been changed in order to protect the identities of the people and places of business involved.

My sister works as a security guard at night.  She was doing her rounds the other night in the Rec Center.  Located inside of the Rec Center is a cafeteria, which she described as “normally well lit-and not scary”.  Immediately upon her arrival into the cafeteria, the lights went out and all of the security lights surrounding the room snapped on.  Along with the security lights a t.v. turned on.  It was on a station that she referred to as “a fuzzy news station”.  The t.v. was only on long enough for her to hear the anchor woman (with the very creepy voice) say: “…and the woman’s intestines were wrapped around her neck.”  That’s when the t.v. shut off and the regular lights turned back on as if nothing had happened.  The rest of her rounds included a trip into the basement, which she opted out of for the night.  She went to turn and bolt from the room and found that one of her co-workers who worked nearby was standing there.  He seemed very alarmed and very concerned for her well-being.  So much that he allowed her to go calm down and didn’t ask her to finish her rounds that night.

After hearing this I had to ask her what exactly was so scary about a sudden loss of power and a “fuzzy news station”?

She told me that this is not the first time this has happened.  That, in fact, the EXACT same scenario has played itself out for dozens of other workers there.  The only difference, she told me, was that the anchor woman was always gender specific to the person in the room and the cause of death or serious injury was never the same.

Okay, I’ll admit that’s definitely spooky, but there had to be more to this.  So, I asked her again, why all of these people are so spooked by this?

Rewind back to a little over a decade ago: a man who is now one of her superiors (and she has many) experienced this exact same phenomenon.  Except the anchor woman said: “…and the man’s foot was severed.”  This definitely disturbed the man a bit, but-being the brave type, he decided he was going to finish his rounds.  So he trudged down into the basement where I was told there are some things down there being held up by suspension wires.  (What exactly those things are she was not specific about)  When suddenly one of the wires snapped and hit the guy directly above the ankle.  Thankfully he was wearing shin guards…the only thing that saved him from losing a foot.

As far as she knows he is the only person to have ever continued on into the basement after the lights went out and the t.v. turned on to that fuzzy news station.

I’m thankful that she had the good sense to listen to the televisions warning and bolt.