The Cowboy

by Season


No one else has had an apparition actually communicate with them like I have, but to lend a bit more credibility to my experiences, I am not the only one in my house who has seen things. One day my son called me into his bedroom and told me to hurry. He was pointing out the window and said that a man in a cowboy hat just walked passed his window and onto our porch. When he got to the porch he just vanished. My son said he just thought it was a regular man until he disappeared right before his eyes. Again, to lend credibility, the man who owned this house, built it, and died in my bedroom wore a cowboy hat a lot. I never told my son that, nor did I tell him after his experience because I didn’t want to scare him. The neighbors who knew the owner of this house told me that, and speaking of neighbors, we live outside of city limits and our neighbors are an acre away.