~ Written By Dave Chellis ~

It is a time of great reflection. The U.S.S. Economy is listing to port, and national healthcare is teetering on the brink of being somehow more annoyingly prevalent on a daily basis. And as we prepare for winter (notice I skipped autumn – I’m still holding out that the heat has kicked it to the curb), finally something worthy of paying attention to has squirmed its way back into our Wednesday nights. Our two favorite plumbers have once again scoured the landscape of greenery and pipeage and shown us a reflection into the counterintuitive world of the paranormal. And there’s no princess to save this time friends. Kris is a full fledge ghost hunter, whatever that means.

Let me start by saying I’ve been a fan since day one. I love these guys and what they do. Whether you agree with all the hype and fanfare surrounding them, something about the team makes you want to hang with them. They’ve become the cool kids we all wanted to be without really even trying. And we’ve grown up with them. There were the early days…. remember “Dude run?”. The TAPS trailer? The twin demonologists? Watching those episodes now, it’s amazing how far they’ve come. I feel like I’ve been a part of their growth both as a maturing team and as a group of friends. And while I don’t agree with everything they do, the respect is there. They’ve given light to a profession stuck in a dark corner.

So why does it matter anyway? Skeptics will never cave without seeing a full apparition walk up and high five someone. And that’s okay. I’m not worried about those people. You know why? Because everyone knows apparitions don’t like high fives. When you’re dead and gone, it’s lost its meaning entirely. This is a good point in my rhetorical rambling to introduce one of my favorite quotes:

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” – Stuart Chase

Admittedly it’s a hard pill to swallow. To think that somehow human ingenuity has crossed with Para dimensional boundaries is an unbelievably difficult evolution to understand. Did our caveman hands really construct a K2 meter? How is it that we’ve been trying for 50 some odd years to contact potential alien life forms, yet science will routinely discount the possibility of communicating with spirits? Is it so far fetched to assume that our ancestors might actually have something to say to us? I mean really… if aliens do exists, they have far more to learn from our attempts at communication than we of their “awesome technology.” If we’re talking EMF fields and temperature fluctuations, then we’re talking science. And if we’re talking science, then we’re talking theories. And if we’re talking theories, than I theorize that maybe, just maybe, we’ve exhausted all the tax payer money I’m willing to part with in search of E.T.’s secret lair.

So where do we draw the line for reality or realism? Is it all ratings and hype? Do Grant and Jason really want to make a difference in the field? Yes, and they deserve our support. No matter the method of their delivery, we are akin to the notion that what they want is what we want. We all want to believe in something. And whether you believed in Santa or not, somehow all those goods were there in the morning weren’t they?

I whole heartedly wish the Ghost Hunters a successful autumn season. They are the truth seekers, the purveyors of our creed. And while their feet will never stick solid in scientific factuality, they are the eyes and ears of an ever growing army of believers. Kudos, and thanks for all the memories.

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