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While surfing around the net, looking for paranormal websites, you come across pretty much the same thing: Bloody separators, screaming skulls in gif format, and not-so-screaming ones as well. You find dark templates and ghostly images. You look at all this, while scary music plays in the background. When you click on the photo gallery, orbs are nearly always paranormal and hairs become spirit vortexes. An object in a darkened room, suddenly is cropped and blown up, and we see a face! Ghost in a photo? Highly unlikely. What we do see is pixel distortion and pareidolia at its best. When we click on their EVPs we are TOLD what to hear. When we read about their investigations they tell us the same things over and over. What is more, since most of the TV shows also endlessly repeat these same things, we are conditioned to believe that spirits drain our batteries or that shadow people are evil or a form of manifestation. They classify ghosts into types according to the way they ‘manifest’. We read and take all this in and accept it as a fact, when in fact, they are not facts at all. They are just hypotheses.

What if, all this was not true at all? Has anyone ever stopped to think that we keep on seeing the same things everywhere we look? What about progress? What about thinking outside of the box? What if you came to a website that invites you to actually think? What if you finally saw original, creative graphics that blend in nicely with the backgrounds and weren’t painful to look at? What if you finally read information that made sense to you and that genuinely helped you to learn about the paranormal?

Bill Stone lives in Pennsylvania with his cat. He has been interested in the paranormal all his life. He started going on investigations when he was in his early teens. He founded Beyond Paranormal Investigations while living in Michigan in 2006. His website, The Beyond, however, has been on the net since 2005. And when you take a look at the website, you find yourself in a world of art, creativity and inquisitiveness that you have probably not experienced before. For here at The Beyond, you learn that there are no experts, and the only way to genuinely advance is by questioning and learning all the time. You learn how to ‘think outside the box’.

How many years have you been in the field?

I started out actually going to hunt for ghosts in my early teens. When I became an adult I was more serious about it after picking up a few gadgets. My seriousness for the subject, and professionalism continued to grow and mature with me. So, with all that in mind, I’d say I’ve been in the field for about 23 years.

What are your accomplishments?

If you’re asking about my PARANORMAL accomplishments, I have to answer honestly. I have NO accomplishments. Let’s not delude ourselves. People have been investigating ghosts since before 100 AD. In the 1900 years that followed, we’ve really gone NOWHERE in the field. Contrary to what some ‘paranormal experts’ say… We’re ALL as clueless as ever.
If you’re asking about personal accomplishments, I love my website, and the people on it. I think I did a good thing there.

Which investigation do you remember the most and why?

There is no investigation in particular. I find that every time I go out to investigate a report of a haunting, if it’s a hoax, if it’s real, or just wishful thinking, I find myself learning SOMETHING that I didn’t know before, or gaining an idea, or insight that I’ve never heard before. I’m just gaining a little piece of wisdom each time. That’s fun, finding light bulbs everywhere you go.

The worse part of investigating a location is:

Overzealous people & know it alls. If you’ve been in the field, you’ve dealt with a client that wants to tell you how to conduct your investigation ’cause they’ve watched it on TV, and they know what’s going on. Or you get a new member trying out for the team that thinks that every little creaky floorboard is a paranormal event, and will argue the point forever.

The best part of investigating a location is:

The best part is as I’ve stated before, finding that light bulb, and learning something new. But even better is when you, and another member of your team have that ‘eureka moment’ at the same time. The last investigation I was on with our Michigan division, another member, and I had a moment like that. We were all smiles the rest of the night.

Why do you do this?

Somebody has to. Naturally, I’m in it to help people with everything I can… But that answer is too cliché and I’m sure everyone wants to look good, and answer that way.
Let’s keep it real.
I absolutely love it. You know that feeling you get when you think you’re being watched, or the uncertainty of what you’re REALLY dealing with out there in the beyond? That fear is what I’m talking about. It’s like you’re getting ready to go down the first hill on the tallest roller coaster ever. The thing is, you KNOW how tall the roller coaster is. When dealing with the paranormal, you don’t have prior knowledge of what you’re gonna be dealing with. Because of that, that fear, or anticipation is amplified to an intoxicating degree… It’s like a drug.

What is your favorite tool when investigating and why?

This is a goofy question. SOME may say that they love their Cell Sensor. I’m sure the most common answer will be ‘my mind’, or something like that. A lot of people have a mind, but in this field, very few seem to use them properly. Their minds are often corrupted with knowledge they believe that they have, and cannot be filled with anything because their mind is made up, and closed.
My answer is, ‘my OPEN mind.’
A lot of people think that they have an open mind because they believe in ghosts. They couldn’t be more wrong in a lot of cases. Some people believe SO BLINDLY that the mere thought of them being wrong about it, is unthinkable. That’s called faith, and it’s a wonderful thing. Unfortunately faith can close your mind to other possibilities, which makes it a problem in this field.
My mind is always open to ALL possibilities. I do not allow my faith or personal beliefs to cloud the issue, or lead me away from the facts. I don’t allow other peoples faith or beliefs to do that either. This is my favorite tool.

When did you first encounter something paranormal in your life?

When I was really little, I’d say 5 or 6, I was introduced to a Ouija Board. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but that stupid little board, as evil as some of you believe it to be, changed my life forever. From such an early age, I was introduced to the beyond. At the time, I felt ABSOLUTELY certain that I had made contact with the other side. What that other side was, I didn’t know but I was in AWE of the concept. Then Poltergeist came out in the theater and just blew me away. All the things I had in my head were on the big screen. That’s hard movie to watch when you’re only 6, and a lot to be thinking about.

Have you ever had an unpleasant encounter with either an inhuman entity or evil spirit? If so, what was it?

I’ve been in situations where I felt that something unpleasant was watching, or near me, or wanting to do me harm. I have seen PHYSICAL evidence of it in the things that were happening around me. For ANYONE to come out and say that it was inhuman or evil or anything at all for that matter… Well, that would just be an opinion. I don’t deal in opinion.

What advice would you give newcomers in the field?

Newcomers in the field are tainted by the mindless television shows, and the countless websites they’ve visited researching the field. ALL of these shows and sites teach them the same thing. They teach them what’s out there. They teach them how to find it, and what ‘energies’ to feel. They teach them to go out and make a name for themselves, and become famous.
My advice is simple. Forget EVERYTHING these sites and television shows have taught you. They are as clueless as you are, but won’t admit it. Have an open mind, and start with an empty head. Fill it with experience, not things that other people try to tell you.

What would you improve in the paranormal field and why?

I would improve how we all seem to work together. For 1900 years we’ve been combining spirituality, and science to find ghosts. It’s NOT working.
Some of us follow our faith, and spiritual beliefs (religion psychic beliefs, etc.), and then force them on the rest of the people in the field. This is NEVER the right thing to do, yet it is accepted, and even rewarded in the paranormal field.
Some of us stick with scientific fact, and refuse to look beyond our little clipboard, and gadgets. At the same time we attack anyone who has the ability to think with their hearts, and go beyond that.
I think we need to find our path, spiritual or scientific. We should follow that path, and leave the other side alone to do their thing.
We’re not going to get anywhere bumping our heads together like we all do. 1900 years of history has proven that.

What do you do in your spare time?

Because the site that I’m answering all of this stuff for is a family site, I’m not allowed to be myself, by answering as silly, or profanely as I want to, so I’ll be boring. Aside from going out, and having a social life, I like movies a lot. I like my kitty. I spend a lot of time on my website, and looking for spooky stuff.

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