~Written By Danielle Lee~    

Delicate ethereal whispers dance effortlessly upon the waves of the paranormal ocean. Patterns of energy in the form of thoughts impress themselves upon the soul of the empathic medium. A psychic echo reverberates with varying intensity within the all seeing eye of the crown chakra.

When desiring to enhance one’s psychic ability, it is essential to comprehend the universal laws of the mystic phenomena. First and foremost, the law of permission. You may not read someone until they have explicitly given you permission, both verbally and energetically. Verbally, they must ask you personally to perform a reading for them, but energetically, they must offer their energy to you. This can be done is many, many different fashions. With palm reading, they open both of their hands to you, allowing their subconscious to lower the powerful conscious walls of the mind which restricts the energy flow.

Basic understanding of the art of palmistry is obviously helpful, but once the psychic mind tunes into the energy, the lines on the hands are no longer necessary. Reading the palm is merely opening the door to receiving the information embedded in the energy of the individual.

All forms of psychic readings must first begin with the full acceptance and permission of the client or the energy will not be read easily or effectively. Attempting to read an individual’s photograph without specific authorization can lead to an ineffective or inaccurate reading. There must be a mutual compliance between the parties.

Upon completing the affirmation stage, you must then proceed to the appreciation stage. To receive energy, you must first give energy. This stage is the most challenging because you have to send a pure form of positive energy to, often times, a stranger. In essence, you must impress feelings of love, light and respect with the utmost intention of assisting them on their spiritual journey. This selfless and powerful energy message is literally going to envelop the aura of the client and in turn they’re energy will be rebounded to you like a psychic echo. Whether in person, by telephone or a photograph, the echo location will resound with the sender.

This is also the process by which to contact spirits on the other side, sending an invisible invitation through thought enables the entity desired to interpret your intentions and reciprocate.

When energy is given, energy can then be shared and then ultimately, you can literally ‘feel’ and ‘know’ the energy of the other person. The images, thoughts and essence of a person cannot be taken, it must be politely asked for, then gratefully accepted.

Subtle and often powerful sensations can be felt throughout the reading, the most important being the rush of tingling sensation on a portion or all of your body.  I liken the feeling to when you’re watching a very uplifting or spiritually stimulating movie, it feels as though a light energy has flowed quickly and gently over your aura.

Pay very close attention to how all of your senses are stimulated as well as any unsolicited thoughts that may appear into your conscious mind. Physically, you may feel actual pain, cold spots, aches or localized tingling. These feelings can symbolize the areas of the client’s body that have had past injury or current ailments that may require medical attention.

Unsolicited thoughts are the essential core of the reading. These random and seemingly odd thoughts and images are the items that you are to portray to the client. Translate them as honestly, plainly and explicitly as you can.

Deciphering the codes of each individual’s personal energy takes practice and patience. Allowing the feelings, thoughts and impressions to flow freely through you is the only effective way to interpret efficiently. Remembering that you, the psychic, is not the source of the external energy nor are you the receptor, you are the translator. Energy works in a circular formation, originating from the source, the client, merging with your own and then through the verbal interpretation is reciprocated back again to the client. Understanding this crucial point is the key to a successful and highly effective reading that can enable your client to feel they’ve been guided honestly and competently on their spiritual path.

Some wannabe psychics mistakenly believe that they themselves are the source of a mystical energy that produces personal information and that some magical event is transpiring that enables them to dredge up the past, present and future. In truth, this misguided attempt to force impressions to come forward can result in inaccuracy and imaginative revelations.

When performing the reading, you must relinquish any ego or sense of self, this reading is not for you or for your own personal gratification, it must be done without any selfish purpose. The only person who should benefit from a reading is the client.

At this stage, all of your attention must be focused completely on trust. Trust that the source, the provider and process of the energy is in control, not you. The psychic cannot manipulate, contain or own the energy, it is but a means to serve the client with their divine right of spiritual knowledge and purpose. With the privilege of performing a psychic reading comes the responsibility of privacy, respect and surrender of your basic human tendencies towards self affirmation and pride. If you have performed your divine psychic duty properly, you will retain very little memory of the client’s personal messages, the flow of energy will have transpired through you, not into you.

Trusting the information is difficult at first until you realize that with each statement that you present to the client, that is of pure intention, is being confirmed accordingly. Just because an image, thought or idea seems ridiculous or odd doesn’t mean that it is not intended for the client. Trust that the sources guiding this session, the spirit guides, know their purpose and have everything under control. If they wish to convey an important detail to the client, your job is to simply believe in the spirit guides and state the message, no opinion or judgment must be passed on any messages.

Once the reading has established a positive and strong energy connection between you and the client via confirmation of personal information provided by the spirit guides, questions from the client can be asked. When the question is asked by the client, there should be very little time elapsed when receiving the psychic answer. The first and loudest answer is the right one. Trust your guide, repeat this word often to yourself and to your guide, trust, trust, trust. If you cannot receive an answer immediately and clearly, either move on to a different question or be honest and tell them that you simply aren’t getting that answer. They may not be allowed to know that particular answer regarding their spiritual journey at that time.

After the questions are completed, end the session by ascertaining if the client feels at ease with the reading, if they felt that it assisted them in the spiritual aspects they were searching for. Make sure to inform them that readings are not necessary too often as they themselves also have to learn to trust their spirit guides and teach themselves to listen to their intuition. Psychics are meant to teach and guide spirituality, not to become a crutch or dependency.

Payment for services depends on the psychic. Personally, I don’t accept any monetary payment. I believe in spiritual service and teaching mankind to awaken their own spiritual devices. I simply ask that they return the favor of my time and effort with a heartfelt good deed done for someone else.

Many psychics accept payment, which is completely their prerogative, but in stating that, excessive requests of money, the demand of immediate purchase of various mystical items and the implication of several visits to the psychic implies that a client should not return and find a more suitable spiritual servant.

Remember this, we are first and foremost spiritual beings having a human experience, we were born with every mystical tool and divine device that we would ever need throughout our whole life on earth. Awakening from the illusion of harsh reality, you will realize that the only thing you need to receive the psychic echo is to give the gift of awareness to another.

Copyright 2008 Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved