~Written By Danielle Lee~    

Have you ever walked into a home and it just simply felt warm, cozy and the ambiance seemed to hug you like a old, friendly family member? Or have you experienced the feelings of dread, discomfort and impending doom from a house for no apparent reason?

You could rationalize, certainly, that it just was or wasn’t inviting. You could argue that the decor was all wrong or you might not have liked the individuals currently living there and subconsciously superimposed your suspicions onto the home.

There also is the potential that the home is in fact occupied by an entity, spirit or specter. The ghost of some wayward soul, trapped for an eternity to forever wander the abyss of your basement, watching your every move and causing the hairs on your body to constantly stand at attention.

But, there is another option that may be considered. Residual energy. Energy, negatively or positively charged left behind from former tenants of the home. Human auras are a powerful and potentially tangible substance. The human aura can literally extend up to three feet outside of a living body. It contains a multitude of colors, varying from red, blue, black, gray, pink and purple. The fluctuations of colors, of course, depend on many variables. If someone is angry, the aura will emit red. When someone is sad or in a very unstable mood, it tends to be gray. It glows pinks, lavenders and blues when balanced and happy.

Barbara Ann Brennon, author of Hands of Light, describes the complexity of auras as a biological energy field in great detail. She writes about her life’s work and experiences with the human aura. Describing in the mechanics of the human spirit and how it affects our health and environment.

“If we define the Human Energy Field as all fields or emanations from the human body, we can see that many well-known components of the human energy field have been measured in the laboratory. These are electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic, sonic, thermal and visual components of the human energy field.”

She goes on to explain the fields of plants, animals and inanimate objects as well containing their own energy signatures. Further more, she states that we can manipulate these fields with healing touch, essentially cleansing and positively recharging the aura. Also, she describes how different personalities and dispositions of people can affect their surroundings. Particularly, how one aura can affect the energy field of other people and objects.

So, after explaining the dynamics of the human energy field in detail, we can establish that it may very well be possible for human beings to leave an energy impression on inanimate objects. Therefore, why would it not be plausible that some alleged hauntings of a home or area be the result of human energy leaving an imprint of their aura.

I believe that some traumatic events in particular, like violence or fear, can leave lasting in impressions in not only people, but their surroundings. Depression, anxiety, hate and sorrow are such powerful emotions that they would surely affect even the least empathic of individuals.

Being an empath myself, I’m extremely sensitive to these impressions left behind in homes. I have difficulty living in homes where anyone has lived previously. I feel most comfortable in homes built from the ground up and I am the first owner, leaving all my own energy imprints. I have lived in homes where I’ve sensed certain impressions from the previous owners and then afterwards have my suspicions confirmed by a neighbor who happen to know the previous tenants very well.

I’m not suggesting that real ghosts do not impose themselves as unwelcome guests in homes and locations, part in fact because I have investigated true spirit hauntings and they leave me with an entirely different experience.

I believe a large portion of the ‘ill at ease’ sensations felt in homes may indeed be explained by lasting energy impressions of previous trauma fused into the very molecular makeup of the walls and local atmosphere. Equally, I think good emotions of love and happiness can also substantially positively charge the energy of a home.

Barbara also suggests in her book that the condition your aura maintains can dramatically alter your health.

So, in retrospect, it may very well be a good idea to seriously pay attention to your natural instincts pertaining to sensing these powerful energies when purchasing your next home. You never know if your home is going to be negatively charged by some depressed and cranky former homeowner.

Part two of this topic will include tips as to how to rid your home of this negative energy and ways to tell if your home has residual energy or is occupied by a true spirit.

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