~Written By Jacqueline S. Foreman~

Recently, I went to the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA to conduct an investigation with Christopher Moon, owner and senior editor of my favorite paranormal publication Haunted Times www.hauntedtimes.com I was intrigued by Chris because he often talks about a device he uses during investigations called ‘The Telephone To The Dead’, formerly known as ‘Frank’s Box’. Allegedly, this ‘Telephone To The Dead’ allows you to speak to spirits that have crossed over in their own voice. To say the least like any good paranormal investigator, I was extremely skeptical about ‘The Telephone To The Dead’. It just sounded too good to be true. I have gotten many EVP’s during investigations (ranging from class A to class C) but to get live, real time EVP’s just sounded too amazing to be true.

When I met Chris Moon at the Lizzie Borden House, I liked him instantly. He was down to earth, easy to get along with and extremely open and friendly. Not at all what I was expecting from someone who is so well known in the paranormal field. I have found that most of the people in this field (not all) are great people. I was also fortunate enough to meet Chris Moon’s director of marketing for Haunted Times Magazine, Dina Everling. She was equally as wonderful and I could feel so much good energy coming from her. Sometimes you can just feel someone’s soul and in this instance I could feel that Chris and Dina were two good souls.

Soon after meeting, it was time for my private reading with the ‘Telephone To The Dead’ (TTTD) and I have to tell you my expectations were low. I didn’t expect it to work. I didn’t think Dina and Chris were trying to “pull the wool over my eyes” by any means, but I was just very skeptical about this controversial piece of equipment. Within seconds of Chris turning the device on his technician Ty came through loud and clear, they asked me who I wanted to contact. I asked for my girlfriend who passed away in 1993. She came through loud and clear IN HER OWN VOICE! I almost fell off my chair. I was dumbfounded. I asked her questions that only she would know the answer to like her nickname, and she answered correctly. I asked her when she crossed over and she said “Three weeks ago” I was surprised by this response since she had been dead for 15 years so I asked her where she had been all this time and she said “With Michael.” Michael is her son who was 10 when she died. I was also able to make contact with my maternal grandfather, my brother’s ex-fiancé who recently passed and my ex-brother-in law. The things that they knew could not have been known by anyone else. I did not know Chris and Dina before the reading and I did not share any information with them before the reading. Even if they Googgled me, they would not have been able to get this level of information about my dead relatives and friends. I was floored.

Later that evening, we used the device in our investigation at the Lizzie Borden House and the session was dominated by Andrew Borden who was and remains a very evil man. I am almost thinking that he deserved 40 whacks with an Axe. Also, when I looked at the black and white crime scene photos I noticed that there was absolutely no blood splatter. I have a certification in Forensic Science and if someone kills you with an axe there is going to be a lot of blood splatter on the walls the ceiling, etc. In these photos, no blood splatter at all, so it is my belief that this was the secondary crime scene and Abby and Andrew Borden were killed somewhere else and then the crime scene at the house was staged. It is also a widely held belief that Andrew Borden molested his daughters and when I was in the parlor where he died, (or at least was found dead) I was alone and I confronted him and asked him if it was true, if he hurt Lizzie and her sister. I had my recorder going to see if I could pick up any EVP evidence. Then I went upstairs to join the rest of the group who was using The Telephone To The Dead, when I walked in the room Andrew Borden instantly started calling me awful names that I cannot mention in this article. I asked him if he knew my name, he said “Yes, it’s whore.” I asked him if he knew where I was from and he said “Yes, the streets,” Nice guy. I told him I was not afraid of him, then I told him that he was dead and could not hurt me. The people around me thought I was nuts because I was spending the night in Andrew and Abby’s bedroom that evening and sleeping in their bed (which was comfortable as hell by the way!) He told me that “There was going to be blood tonight.” I went on to tell him that he did not scare me, that I was protected by the God and the Lord Jesus Christ. I also told him that before I left Fall River I was going to go to his grave and put a cross on it and he screamed “Don’t you dare!” (I did do it before I left).

That night I slept like a baby. If Andrew Borden showed up as a full body apparition, I missed it because I was exhausted by the time the investigation ended at 2 AM. The wake up time for breakfast was 7:45 AM and they tried three times to wake me up, I finally stumbled downstairs at 9:15 AM in my pajamas with my hair standing on end and no slippers or socks. It was like it was my house. I ate a great breakfast, went back up to Andrew’s room and took a nice, hot shower, said my goodbye’s to Dina and Chris, headed for the cemetery and then headed to Brooklyn, NY to visit a good friend of mine before I went back home to New Jersey.

If anyone is interested in conducting an investigation with Chris Moon or using the ‘Telephone To The Dead’ or subscribing to the awesome publication Haunted Times visit their website at www.hauntedtimes.com. I do not endorse many people, I take my reputation as a paranormal investigator very seriously, but Chris Moon and Dina Everling are incredible investigators and phenomenal people. You will not be disappointed by the experience, trust me on this.

My next adventure is a class with renowned psychic Nancy Orlen Weber on May 30th in North Jersey and then another event in Iowa with Chris Moon and Dina Everling and then dinner and a cemetery investigation with Lorraine Warren. I will let you know what happens with all of these upcoming events! If you are interested in hearing an interview that I did on my radio show with Chris Moon and Dina Everling you can go to my website at www.blogtalkradio.com/yourmentalhealth. the name of the show is ‘The Dead Never Leave Us With Christopher Moon’ and it aired on April 26th but it is in the archives. You can also use the link:


It was a great show so I hope you have the chance to listen to it. Until next time, happy investigating my paranormal friends!