Living in a Funeral Home

by Victoria Rife

My dad took a second job working as an assistant funeral director and to make things easier he lived above the funeral home while he worked there. Most people don’t know that some old funeral homes rent out the top part and, knowing that many are spooked by the thought of living in a home with dead people, they make the rent incredibly cheap. He had many, many unexplainable experiences while living there. I think it is very important to mention that my dad had been around dead bodies for well over twenty years when he took the job at the funeral home. Normal people may find the transition to be difficult and they may scare themselves knowing they are living in a house with the dead. The shock of working with dead bodies may also make it incredibly traumatic for those who are not used to it. My dad was a not only a police officer for many years (often working at night and seeing the worst accidents), but he was also a diver for the Coast Guard and searched for lost people who were presumed dead. He has seen his fair share of dead people for years and years. In other words, working in a funeral home was nothing new to him.

Here are a few things he experienced: at night the lights would flicker on and off, locked doors would open and then slam shut, unlocked doors would magically lock, things would move and disappear only to reappear later in a strange place, and one night a wall hanging even flew off the wall several feet. My dad had to turn off everything downstairs before retreating upstairs to his home. Some nights he would turn everything off only to get up later and have every light in the house turned on.