Strange Happenings

by Victoria Rife

My husband’s grandparents live in a house they believe is haunted. Everyone in the family has experienced one thing or another and they have plenty of stories to share. I will tell a few of their personal stories in order to share my own.

My grandma-in-law was woken up in the morning by my grandpa-in-law. Her back was to him but she felt him roll out of bed, get up, and heard him walk into the bathroom. She tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep and eventually got up to go into the bathroom herself, wondering what was taking her husband so long. But when she got in there he was nowhere to be seen. Confused, she called him and he proceeded to tell her that he had left very, very early that morning and hadn’t been in the house for a few hours. No one else was in the home.

My aunt-in-law was in her closet sorting clothes with her back to the doorway and her front facing the back of the closet. She saw the shadow of someone standing in the closet doorway so she turned around to see who it was but there was no one around.

My uncle-in-law was in the living room watching tv when a picture flew off the wall and crashed to the floor. I tried to ask him if it simply fell but he was very adamant that it flew off the wall.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law were spending the night in the house when my husband was a baby – they were the only ones in the house that night. My mother-in-law decided to go to bed with the baby but she kept waking up to the sound of my father-in-law pacing the hallway. Worried that he would wake the baby, she got up and told him to stop but found him in the living room watching tv. He said he had been sitting there the whole time and never went into the hallway.

My husband and I stopped by to see his grandparents but they weren’t home. We didn’t want to stop by unannounced so we went inside to leave them a note. When we got in the dogs greeted us at the door and they were friendly. As we started to write the note though one of them became seriously agitated. Their dog, Hank, began to bark savagely and it wasn’t a “hey, get out of my house” or “there’s a squirrel!” bark, it was more of a threatening “I’m going to kill you” bark. This dog knows us very well so it’s not like we were strangers coming into his house threatening his domain. My husband tried to calm him down but he continued to bark and growl as if he were plain mad. But I noticed he wasn’t even looking at us – he was looking behind and beyond us. I told my husband, “look at Hank. He’s not barking at us. He’s barking at something else.”

It was extremely eerie and it made my hair stand up because this dog saw something we did not. At that moment the tv switched on and we got the hell out of there.