Tall, Blonde, and… Ghost!

by Season


It was early fall/late summer and I was preparing for bed. I laid down in my daughter’s room but couldn’t go to sleep because it was too muggy and hot. I was hesitant to open the window because under no circumstances would I ever leave a window open at night while I slept. But I didn’t want to turn the air on so I decided to go ahead and open it for a few minutes just until I cooled off. I was so tired that as soon as the cool air hit me I fell right to sleep, leaving the window open.

The next thing I know someone is at the side of my bed near my head trying to wake me up. This is so hard to explain but I couldn’t hear or see who it was but it was just as real as someone physical standing right there trying to wake me. I rolled over and said in an impatient voice, “what?” For some reason I didn’t even wait for them to answer before I rolled back over and fell back to sleep. Once again, someone is trying desperately hard to get my attention so for the second time I rolled over and in an even more grouchy voice said, “WHAT??” Again, for reasons I can’t explain I just turned back around and fell asleep. The only way I can describe it is that it was some kind of a mental pull. The third time I turned around I saw him. He was tall with sandy blonde hair, dull blue or green eyes, and a long nose. He was wearing a plain beige or beige with paisley design long-sleeved button down shirt, white shirt on underneath, with same colored slacks. I couldn’t see him from the knee down.

To my third grouchy “what” he gently said, “I’m showing you, I’m showing you” and was pointing. His voice was in my mind, like telepathy. I followed the direction in which he was pointing to and after my eyes adjusted to the light (it was early morning by then) I saw that my window was open. I said, “oh” and promptly got up and shut the window. I then laid down back in bed and went back to sleep.

I don’t’ know who it was or how he knew that I wouldn’t have wanted to fall asleep with my window open, but I sure appreciate his thoughtfulness. I felt really bad the next morning because as I remembered the event I realized that not only was I cranky with him for waking me up, but I hadn’t even told him thank you. So I thanked him then and hoped that he may have still been around to hear.