Something In The Hallway

by Season


As you may have read in one of my other stories, my husband does not believe in this stuff at all. In my story The Warm Touch you can read one of only two experiences he has had in his life. And like the other occurrence, he doesn’t like to talk about this one either. But one morning after I sent the kids off to school, I laid back down to get a couple more hours of sleep. He came in and woke me up with this “I just seen a ghost” look on his face and asked me if I had just walked through my bedroom doorway. I said, “duh, you just woke me up”. LOL! He said he knew that anyway because what he saw didn’t look anything like me and he said that there was no way I could have gotten back in bed before he reached the door (he ran to it).

He proceeded to tell me that he was walking past the hallway to our kitchen from our living room when something caught his eye at the end of the hallway. When he turned to look he said he saw “something” walk into your bedroom (where I was sleeping) from the hall. He was trying to describe it but he was nervous and flustered. He finally got out that it was “see-through” but definitely a figure, he was confused on how he could see it, if it were “see-through”. But he did. And he said it went right  through the open doorway into our room. After that, my husband starting running around to each bedroom and the bathroom looking for someone that might have broken into our house. When nothing turned up he just grabbed his forehead, shook it, and walked back into the living room shrugging his shoulders. In truth, I think he does believe, he just doesn’t want to admit it. Or is  afraid of it.