My First Ghost Encounter

by Joe Stewart

My first ghost experience was while I was traveling with a friend to Marquette in the UP. We arrived at the Mackinac Bridge just before dusk. It was starting to storm and the straits of Mackinac were getting rough, which made for a fun trip across the bridge. My friend had never been in this area before so I thought I would give him the full flavor of the area by rolling down the window on the windward side to get the full effect of the storm. We howled and laughed all the way across the bridge and got soaked.

Once across, we drove for a little bit and decided to find a restroom, because there was a lot of nothing ahead of us for miles on end. We came across this town and to be honest, I’m not even sure if they had a sign to identify the town’s name. My friend spied an old gas station that was closed and it had a restroom on the backside of the cinder block building. We found the restroom unlocked. The restroom was like a hallway, it was long and narrow with the toilet at the far end of the room and the door was at the other end. In the middle of this 20 X 5, restroom was the sink.

While I was occupied, the exterior door opened and closed. I know I locked it. Well, the lights started to flicker and I felt a presence and heard footsteps approaching me. Whatever it was, stopped at the sink and the faucet came to life. Okay, something decided it needed to wash its… I’m not sure what, but this was my queue to exit. I got outside and decided not to say a thing to my friend about it. I sat in the truck while he was engaged and went over in my mind what had happen. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. A few minutes later my friend came out of the restroom and said to me, “I think that restroom is haunted.” I then told him about my experience and he filled me in on his, which was similar to mine. We both broke out in a nervous laugh as we drove away.