~Written By Don S. Wilson~

As I usually do, I present this writing as a thought. A suggestion, not to debate, only to hear your thoughts on the most mysterious science known to us.
And this time I have chosen to ponder dimensions and try to understand how we might perceive them. How they might fit in with our reality.
If we reside in a universe that consists of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, don’t we basically live in four dimensions?
We can move up/down, side to side, and front to back, and each movement requires a period of time to do so. But are we four dimensional beings?
What can we really do? We are two legged creatures that walk upright on a plain according to its elevation. We have no wings, therefore up and down is really only a superficial
credit to ourselves thanks to the ability to fly by artificial means. In all actuality, we are only two dimensional beings living in a four dimensional universe. Physically all we have the ability to do is walk to and fro, side to side.
So how are we ever going to perceive what a fifth dimension would look like? or a sixth? According to M-theory/ string theory, There are at least eleven dimensions for us to ponder.
What roll do they play in our reality if any at all? Are they important to us and how do they relate or effect us?
If I take into consideration that nature has a habit of creating things in the shape of a sphere, “I think of bubbles.”
The sphere is the most common shape in the universe as we see it. Also one important thing to remember is that any element will take the least path of resistance either as a flow or as a breaking point. If I were to imagine our four dimensional universe as a bubble floating in space I would simply see it as that, but it would be so transparent that I would never be able to see the boundaries of it. The wall of my bubble would be infinant as far as I was concerned. But there are boundaries , and it would consist of the matrix, or Zero Point Field. A limit of absorption for the energy within.
This is a storage point in our four dimensional universe. If energy can nether be created or destroyed it must then be stored in the ZPF. It’s renewable energy. This is exactly what today’s top scientists are trying to tap into. If we go on to other dimensions, we probably would see that each one has it’s own ZPF. The question is…. can we, or do we occasionally see them?
From a paranormal researchers perspective, I feel that we have a long way to go to answer those questions. But I also feel that understanding quantum physics will help us find those answers.
I feel that the answers are at the palm of our hand, not quite at our fingertips. Although quantum physicists are not searching to answer the same questions we are, they are succeeding in doing just that.