~Written By Don S. Wilson~

     In order for me to start the ball rolling as far as regarding quantum physics and its relationship to paranormal research, I must mention that I am not trying to empress on anyone anything other than theory on my part. I feel that a good place to start this study is with the living, not the dead, for it is within us all that clues about the other side are found.
     For years scientists and philosophers have been trying to understand where human consciousness resides, where long term memory is stored, and what effect our emotions have on our thought process. Until more recent years, it was thought that the consciousness or soul, along with our long term memory resided within our brain. Indeed, around the turn of the last century some experiments were conducted to find out if the soul actually had a measurable mass. Theory was that the body contained the soul and that at the time of death, the soul would leave the body, thereby producing a weight loss of the body that could be measured.
     A respected surgeon of the day, a Dr. Dunkin MacDougall who happened to know of a few consumptive patents, devised the idea that if you weigh a person at the time of death you should be able to see a difference in weight at the moment the soul leaves the body. Although he claimed that there was a sudden loss of twenty-one grams at the time of death, skeptics at the time attributed the weight loss to insensible perspiration, or rapid evaporation of body fluids excremented at the time of death. Its intresting to note that many of these experiments were performed over the years with both animals as well as humans, and in the case of humans, to this day no weight loss has ben reported. However according to a report by a Lewis E. Hollander, Who performed this same experiment with goats and sheep in 2000, reported a temporary gain. So what are we to make of these conflicting results?
¬†¬†¬†¬† Enter: Quantum Physics. Most people today are familiar with the term zero point energy or zero point field. It is talked about widely on science programs about the universe and physics. But just in case you haven’t heard of it, I will explain in quick simple language.The zero point field or ZPF is basically a sea of quantum particles in a total electromagnetic state, that consists of trillions of resonant frequencies that vibrate in wave patterns randomly like the surface of an ocean. The ZPF is the source of all the energy in the universe and is where all expended energy returns.
¬†¬†¬†¬† If we understand that the brain is a physical organ and the mind/soul is a non-physical entity, it becomes fairly easy to place the soul as a resident of the ZPF. Think of the soul as a hard drive so to speak. Think of the brain as a receiver that does what the soul tells it to do by way of a spirit rope or cord we call consciousness. The brain simply keeps our bodies functioning by telling our hart to beat, it tells us when to eat and so on. Our soul stores all of our memories, and lends them to us as needed. It regulates our emotions, and allows us to put our life before someone else’s.It justifies our personalities and tells us when we need to fight for our lives. The soul also knows when its time give up the battle. The spirit rope is responsible for delivering these messages back and forth between the brain and soul. When the time comes, the soul will tell the spirit rope to disconnect from the brain and leave the physical body behind. “This is called crossing over”
     It is perfectly logical to believe that both the living souls as well as the ones who have crossed over reside in the same ZPF. Next time I will discuss how this works during a paranormal event, and maybe open the door on some serious thought about why these events happen the way they do.