~ Written By Dave Chellis ~

Once upon a time, we respected our elders, paid homage to our veterans, and let sleeping souls lie. ¬†Live and let die, a lifestyle one of my heroes lived by. ¬†Recently however, it seems the norm that over zealous adventurers frequently intrude upon these lives lost to the hands of time. ¬†In order that we push the boundaries of the paranormal science, communication with those who’ve long since lost the breath of life is something we must pursue no doubt. ¬†But not at the cost of respect lost. ¬†Through our actions here on earth, through the honor by which we conduct our lives, through the actions of a few changing the thoughts of many, we are able to establish ourselves firmly in a positive light. ¬†It is by this will to give back to our community that we must strive to achieve our place in time. ¬†Only then do we earn the right to call our lives meaningful.
I’ve noticed a disturbing trend which we must correct so that we may secure the respect of those on the fringe of belief in the paranormal. ¬†Taunting lost souls as they wander the domiciles and grounds of their earth time is despicable. ¬†It seems that in recent years it’s become commonplace to scream obscenities, push and harass those who we seek to communicate with. ¬†Whether the intention is to achieve some level of interaction or to simply imply dominance, these fools have lost touch with how far we’ve come. ¬†Remember before all these ghost shows, all this publicity, all the hype? ¬†Paranormal studies were for freaks, outsiders, people who missed the athletics boat. ¬†It took technology and innovation to bring this passion to life. ¬†All of a sudden anyone with a basic digital camera or audio recorder could start their own search for answers. ¬†Then came the shows, and for a while they flourished, then something happened…it became simply unacceptable to not find anything. ¬†Part of the attraction of investigating is sitting for hours, being patient and quiet, hoping for that one or two moments of something beyond explanation. ¬†It’s this desire and quest for truth that keeps us steady, unwavering, and dedicated to the notion that there are souls still wandering this world.
Well, that’s boring and unacceptable apparently. ¬†Some of these investigators had to start finding ways to aggravate in order that they achieve a kind of notoriety. ¬†And while we can’t stop this foolishness completely, we can set an example for those who need beacons of truth and light in this dark world. ¬†We have to do this the right way. ¬†These spirits had families, had children, had thoughts and dreams. ¬†They were loved. ¬†No matter the balance of good and evil that they exhibited while alive, we are not privy to judge this. ¬†Religion teaches that God is the only one fit to decide the path of our afterlife. ¬†As long as our passion for the field is alive, we must lend ourselves to the golden rule: Do unto others what you would want done to you.” ¬†When our time has expired, and our souls wander amidst the shadows and hallways of our world, I would hope that anyone trying to converse with us would do it with respect.
Always stay until your eyelids can’t possibly take the strain of allowing vision. ¬†Remain patient in the quietest of hours. ¬†Let them know you’re there to listen to what they have to say. ¬†Give them a chance to speak and you will give us a chance to make a difference in science.