These comments were submitted by Ricky L. Johansen, Jr. from Lacey, Washington.

This first comment was submitted as a comment on the paranormal based story called “Strange Happenings“. The story is filed in the WTF? Category.

“KGhost Internet Radio showed me your site off of it’s web page.  Pretty interesting stuff you have there…but I would do away with the WTF designation as it violates FCC Regulations on the use of profanity in printed media (I think?).  Besides, we are all intelligent adults and we do not want to discount any of the information presented by utilizing letters that denote use of profanity; kind of illustrates the ignorance of those who seem to think this falls under Free Speech provisions.  Fact is, it actually shows the public just how ignorant and senseless the writer is in needing to use the letters WTF to derive a point that could otherwise be said by some other verbiage.  Know what I mean?  Besides the age of some readers are under 18 years of age and causes them to ask what those letters mean..not intended for minors to be educated on.  Correct?  Let’s be professional in your dealings — what do you think?”

This second comment was submitted to the site via our Questions & Feedback form.

“I think the letters WTF? should be deleted and something else used, i.e., OMG? for “Oh My God!” to designate something out of the ordinary happening…know what I mean?  Young viewers and readers do not understand, especially grade school age.  Be mindful of your audience please.”


About my audience, according to many of the sites on the web that record demographics, MOST of my readers are college educated women between the ages of 25 and 50. Oh, you KNOW I’m mindful. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Say no more.


First off, I want to make it absolutely clear that I appreciate KGhost radio for the link. No doubt about it. I LOVE to have good relations with others in the field, and I DO appreciate that you found your way to me via their site.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I aim to take issue with pretty much everything you’ve written, both in the comment to the story “Strange Happenings“, and in your Questions & Feedback submission.

I don’t believe in burning books, I don’t believe in Internet censorship. I don’t believe in politically correctness, and I don’t live in a communist country. Because of these VERY important things, I REFUSE to allow anyone to tell me what to think or say.

Nice try.

“Strange Happenings”
That story was written by one of our newest writers, Victoria Rife, and it’s REALLY a shame that instead of commenting on her story, and telling her that she did a good job, you took it as an opportunity to attack what I’ve done on the site. She has absolutely NOTHING to do with me putting her story in a category that you deem unfit for public consumption. Frankly she deserves a HELL of a lot more respect than that. To hell with how you feel about me, you owe her an apology.

WTF? & Being Professional
The issues with the use of the letters ‘WTF’ and the lack of ‘professionalism’ are very simple to me. Anyone who’s taken the time to visit, and read over all of the pages, some of the pages, or even a FEW of our pages knows that this site is not, and was never meant to be professional. It was meant to be an open, honest, and most importantly FUN look into the paranormal, and the unexplained. When people visit this site, they expect a good dose of smarm. They expect the smart-assed jokes, and silliness mixed in with their thought provoking spooky stuff.

From day one it was decided that I would do everything here as if it were rated PG-13. I’d never had any interest nor inspiration to make a family friendly website. When I do something, I put my heart and soul into it. This site is ME through and through. You’re telling me to change my voice. You’re telling me to change the way I interface with people. Be someone else? It’s Never gonna happen. I receive emails from people who love what I’ve done. I’ve met the most wonderful people because they saw something here that they could relate to, think about, and smile. The reason for that is because I show my true colors in every aspect of the site. I would have never met some of the most wonderful people in my life if I had a stick up my ass.

The use of WTF was a decision I made a few years ago because I couldn’t think of what I could call the stories that didn’t fit into any particular category, or simply defied all explanation. WTF seemed perfect for that description given my sense of humor.

My guess is you take issue with the F.

Dude, it’s just a letter. As a matter of fact, I think the FCC use it as their first initial. You’ve made it a point to bring up that I may have violated their laws by using the letter F in this context. Ya MIGHT want to look into that a little bit. Last time I checked, this was the WORLD Wide Web. I didn’t know FEDERAL communications Commission had any jurisdiction beyond the United States.
Letter F is not evil
Even if it did… It’s just a letter F, man! They use it on Sesame Street! They TEACH it on Sesame street! Eventually kids are gonna learn it. And you call me ignorant and senseless.

And, what does that F mean in the WTF context? What word popped into your virgin mind?

You know this is a site for paranormal geeks, investigators and ghost hunters? Are you familiar with ghost hunters? Ever see the Sci Fi channel show? If you have, or anyone reading this has, the words, ‘What the Fedge?’ might ring a bell. That’s a WTF, isn’t it? This being a ghost hunter based site, would it be logical that WTF COULD mean ‘What The Fedge?’ You have it in your head what you want that F to stand for.

You gotta get your mind out of the gutter.

You suggest that I use ‘OMG’, to stand for ‘Oh My God’. Um… I don’t know how to tell you this, but that’s taking the man’s name in vain, and breaking one of the big 10. That goes against my spiritual beliefs. Sorry, but I’d MUCH rather offend you than the man upstairs. He’s a lot more real to me, and so far seems to like what I’m doing for people.

Finally about WTF… I’m not saying that I had intended for it to mean “What The Fedge”. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never stoop so low as to steal a catch phrase from a television show, and use it as an important part of the site.  So, I’ll say this.

The F stands for WTF you all you readers want it to stand for.

Was that professional enough?

A Final Thought For My Readers
Hey guys, I have to apologize for that rant. When fascism comes callin’, I get a bit ornery. Now, a lot of you know me, and have a pretty good idea on how I think. If this were a comment on the logistics of a paranormal theory, or even something remotely involving a thought, I would have sat back, and seriously considered what was being said to me. If someone sends me an email, or comment on something that we can sink our teeth into, it could lead to some really enjoyable, and enlightening conversations, as well as intellectually challenging thoughts and ideas that we can all learn, and benefit from.

Instead, I get hate mail about the frickin’ letter F.

You guys see my frustration?

In conclusion, if you take anything from this editorial/rant/bitchfest, I would want it to be a message involving the removal of your proverbial stick. This is for all of you. Paranormal studies don’t have to be somber, and serious all the time. This is damned fun work, and I have fun doing it. I have a LOT of fun writing here on the site. When I’m in the field, and on an investigation, I make sure I handle myself with supreme respect for the client, location, and the work that needs done. With that in mind, there is always a smile on my face. This work should be fun.

Lets remove the sticks from our asses.

We’re grown men and women sitting in the middle of a cemetery in the middle of the night looking for ghosts. How can you not have a sense of humor about this?

For those of you out there reading this… If you have any paranormal, or spooky related questions, or even comments, you’re welcome to ask away. Please send them to or click the image below to go to our “Questions & Feedback” Page!

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