Monster Quest Season 2A&E home video emailed me about writing a review for The Second Season of The History Channel program called Monster Quest. They also sent me an extra copy of the DVD to give away. Just like the other show, I’m going to give it to you! If you want a free copy of the Second Season DVD, keep readin’.

“Witnesses around the world report seeing monsters. Are they real or imaginary? Science searches for answers…on Monster Quest.”

A Personal Note

   I was never a big cryptozoology buff. I mean, growing up, I heard about Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. I watched Harry And the Hendersons a buttload of times, and liked it. But… These ‘monsters’ are all on the other side of the country, or world. How was I ever going to get to get interested in, or become knowledgeable about something that I could never have any exposure to aside from watching the few documentaries that showed up on TV every now and then?   

   As a matter of fact, this show is somewhat of a remake. If you were alive, and into this stuff in the late 70’s or early 80’s, you may remember a show called “In Search Of” which was hosted by Leonard Nimoy. For those of you who don’t know who that is, it’s Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Anyway, it had pretty much the exact same premise as Monster Quest. I remember liking the show, but I was too young to REALLY ‘get it’.

    Because of that, the study of cryptids themselves really never did anything for me. I mean, I liked these things cause they were unknowns…you know, the same as ghosts and UFO’s, but I just couldn’t do anything with them. I watched everything I could, of course.

   In early 2005, when I started thinking about making a paranormal based website, I thought about Monsters are EVERYWHERE!putting up a Cryptozoology Section for you monster fans out there. I decided that it was a bad idea. After all, at the time, I didn’t know much about the subject. Since then, I’ve made it a point to educate myself on it, and the inspiration to do so actually PARTLY came from watching Monster Quest. So, needless to say, unlike many of the paranormal or unknown based TV shows, I AM a fan of this one.

The First Episode

   Since 2004 The Sci-Fi Channel had Wednesday nights all but won when it came to capturing our imaginations with paranormal programming. As the years moved on, and as interest in the Sci-Fi’s flagship show began to increase, The History Channel decided to go after its own piece of the pie.

   Monster Quest, airing at 9PM Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday nights is a documentary series that’s become a staple in the History Channels lineup since its premiere in October of 2007 combating The Sci-Fi Channels juggernaut, ‘Ghost Hunters’. To be honest, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

For me, actually it was perfect timing. Ghost Hunters was getting stale, and annoying with certain things that I won’t go into here. So, I changed the channel.

   The first episode delved deeply into Lake Champlain, in search of the mysterious lake serpent known as “Champ”.
   The show itself was pretty much a standard documentary like we’ve seen for years on the History Channel, Discovery, or an old school National Geographic special. THAT is what I think I enjoyed most about the whole thing, and ALL the episodes for that matter.

   See, lately in television, and everywhere else, everyones looking for the latest greatest thing. In television, that means that they’re going for an edgy format, some drama where it isn’t needed, or whatever other gimmick that they can think of to sell their show. Unfortunately, in this process, MOST networks and producers forget what has been time tested, and what has worked for years. Monster Quest did not make this mistake.

Champ   When searching for Champ, they interviewed eyewitnesses who gladly told their stories about their encounters with the creature. Some even claimed to have taken pictures, and had the images available for analysis. Then, they took the photos to analysis experts. Some, cried hoax, others said that they were real. The picture to te left is one of the most famous pictures of Champ. An analyst on the show explained HOW it could be, and WHY he believed it to be only a log floating in the water.

   They had a team of divers out there swimming around. They had a boat playin’ around out there with some sonar. The sonar people actually DID capture some anomalies on their equipment that could not be explained.

The Second Season

   The second seson of the show was more of the same. That’s a good thing, but it seems that they added some things that I just didn’t feel fit into the idea of the show.

First of all, there was an episode on ‘Ghosts’. It’s no secret that that I’m very interested in this topic. Unfortunately, having an episode about it on THIS particular show seemed completely redundant, and out of place. We have a thousand ghost related shows. Ghost Hunters in particular SHARES Monster Quest’s time slot on the same night. Ghosts aren’t cryptids. They also did a show on Vampires, which I found a little bit too far out there.

Regardless, these minor complaints don’t effect my overall opinion of Monster Quest. I liked that they:) did an episode on the Chupacabra. I like that monster. It is a funny word.

   What Monster Quest is, is a simple scientific investigation. The show does not rely on spooky camera angles. It does not use spooky music to creep its viewers out before the commercial break. It leaves no stone unturned in an attempt to gain information about the monster it is searching for. Some may call this boring. I call it a welcomed change of pace.

    In the end, every episode does the exact same thing I try to do with every page on this website. The show simply gives the viewer the information that it has, or whatever it can find. It lays it all out for us. It has no agenda, other than to make us think. Are these creatures real? Here’s the evidence we have both FOR, and AGAINST the idea.

   We’re not going to tell you what to believe. Make up your own mind.

I LOVE THAT! I wish there was more open-mindedness like this on the tube.
 Complaining or criticizing, I can go on forever. I wish I had more to talk about on this page. I really do, but I have nothing to complain about here.

   Good show.

Want to win a free copy of Monster Quest Season 2 on DVD?

Answer this…. What monster do you think is MOST LIKELY to be real, and why? Oh, and you can’t say Giant Squid ’cause they already DID prove that those exist.

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